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Welcome to Paradise! OUR FARM- The farm is 400m high in the Andean foothills of the Amazon Rainforest, surrounded by wild jungle & other village farms. We are far away from the city and enjoy fresh air. There are many rare birds, butterflies and wild animals in the surrounding jungle. We practice organic farming. We have a tree nursery and reforestation project, some bee keeping and chickens. We produce coconut oil and natural products, soap, insect repellent, etc here as well. -WHAT YOU CAN DO HERE- You will most likely have shared room, and sometimes a private room, 3 meals a day which is a collaborative affair in the kitchen. Working hours are only 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. On your time off, there are cascades, and great hiking right on the property and other natural wonders close by as well. We often make a trip into the city ussually on the week-end. We can plan some trips to the local natural attractions here in the Amazon, and check out the night-life for whoever is up for it. Whatever, your preference is I'm sure we can point you in the right direction. We are currently developing an Eco lodge project. You can help with tree planting, gardening, coconut oil production, construction, etc. It's not very rigid, so you can participate in the activities you are more interested in. We have a really wide variety of things to do. We're not just looking for helpers but also people to share this beautiful place and experience with. We have an incredible river with cascades on the property that we are developing as one of our main tourist attractions. (International Backpackers coming soon!) I'm a native english speaker, and all our workers are local Peruvians, almost all volunteers speak decent enough English so you will experience the best of both worlds. If you want to see everything from the Amazon jungle, eco-construction, permaculture, to producing coconut oil you came to the right place. -HOW TO GET HERE: We are located 30 minutes past the city if Lamas, in San Martin Peru. Lamas is 25 minutes outside of Tarapoto. To get from Lima to Tarapoto by air, we would recommend Star Peru ( https://starperu.com/es ) The flight is 55 minutes. By bus we would recommend Movil Tours (https://www.movilbus.pe/). They are the largest bus operator in Peru and have new and clean buses. The ride should be about 28 hours. We can arrange for you to be picked up by trusted contacts in Tarapoto, the biggest city in the region less than an hour away from our farm. Our project is a very small operation. We ussually have groups of 5 to 8 volunteers who get to know eachother personally, forming strong connections. Oftentimes future travel partners are met here. We are located in an isolated rural Amazonian community. It is very dificult to get things done here. If you need an organized stay, with your days planned well in advance then we are not for you. Our workers have responsibilities towards their own farms, and often don't show up when scheduled. Technicians often don't repair things correctly, or on time. We have learned to adapt to the reality of life here in the rural Amazon. We recently obtained reasonably reliable electricity. At times we have power outages that last for hours or on rare occasions even for days. We have a washing machine, but at times you may need to wash your clothes by hand. Transpotation to and from here needs to be planned and coordinated in advance. Feel free to ask me about anything. I check my Worldpackers inbox daily. Take care,

I am a native english speaker from Canada, and I've been living here in Peru for several years. All our workers are local Peruvians so you will experience the best of both worlds. Everyone that comes should expect to be treated as a welcomed member of the family.


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I lived incredible days in the Hacienda Mateo where I could develop my environmental awareness, and I will surely apply them into my daily life from now on.
Thomas is surely a really nice host, he does whatever is necessary to make people comfortable and help them to have the best experience as possible in the farm. He is always kind and supportive, he has great social skills then it's really nice to talk to him, he is very smart so you can learn a lot from him.
During my staying I had the opportunity to meet his brother and his dog Zoos, both are so kind.

2 months ago



I've had an amazing experience with Thomas. The 2 weeks were flying away. Thomas is building a backpackers/airbnb, but we were building stuff for the volunteershome. We've build 4 new beds, a new table, new cabinets for the kitchen. so a lot of woodwork. The best to do is come up with you're own plan what you want to build and Thomas will help you with that. After working and on the freedays we did loads of fun things. Cliff jumping, swimming in the river, go to a club, explore the jungle. This place is really worth it so go to Thomas!

4 months ago



I spent a week at the Hacienda and had a great time. The Hacienda was a lovely place surrounded by nature. You will meet travelers from all around the world, share everything and make friends for life! We mostly worked on the construction of the living quarters for future volunteers. What I enjoyed most was the daily life as a community and closeness to the nature. Every other day we did cool activities like having a bonfire at the river or cliff jumping at a waterfall. Thomas is a friendly and cool person you can have good conversations with. You really notice that he cares.

5 months ago



Overall this was an interesting experience. I personally prefer the volunteer roles where you are in a group, meeting people from all over the world and can go out and be social. This was all 1 on 1 so if you prefer just working with 1 person you would enjoy this! It’s personal preference :) The work is chill and easy, just labelling jars and it was a nice setting to listen to music but it can be repetitive. Was a cool experience to be in the Amazon, if you prefer quiet vibes and volunteering 1:1 you’d really like this, Thomas was super nice.

5 months ago

Thomas replied

Rhiannon arrived here in the middle of a crisis in Perú, on the 14 of December. Roads were blocked in the south of Perú and several volunteers trying to come could not get here. Another canceled due to the uncertainty of the situation. It was horrible timing. Things have since calmed down, and four volunteers will be arriving next week. We normally have a broad range of projects to work on but we were short handed at that moment. We have recently completed an additional guest house and now have capacity for 10 volunteers and expect to have a minimum of 5 volunteers here at all times.
Look forward to seeing you again Rhiannon :) and it will certainly be more fun and diverse.

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