Help Us with Outdoor Projects, New Hobby Farm, Vegan Cooking & Cleaning Help In San Diego County.

WE ARE A COVID19 SAFE FARM & HOMESTEAD STAY. We are a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Host family who choose to invite volunteer guests to share our time, resources, focus, attention and effort to engage in a mutual win/win exchange arrangement that is designed to support each other through various cultural and educational experiences. Hosting and mentoring others is our passion and we have made life-long friends around the world! We expect volunteer guests who are interested in learning about farming, solar energy and sustainable practices to be in a partnership with us as we too learn how to develop and start our new Farming venture! Our Family enjoys hosting those who are compassionate, spiritual in nature and embody a positive healthy focus on life! We are open to various religions, beliefs, gender equality, cultures, and race. We ourselves are Christians who love to embrace a commitment and service to others, our community and the world. We seek only folks who embrace a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB), love a healthy, physically lifestyle, are strong team players, have a positive attitude, are committed to service and do not engage in negativity, complaining or gossip. Farming is not easy and requires hard work, money, resources including a great amount of time and effort. A Global Pandemic has changed ecotourism and life in many ways. Unfortunately due to Covid19, it is not the time to be a Tourist by attending crowded gatherings, The beaches or clubs. We prefer guests do not leave our property often for shopping and unnecessary trips. On your days off, we will help you plan and enjoy taking amazing hikes on a variety of trails, parks, preserves, and exploring the desert and mountain areas. Other activities fir your days off include exploring nature, camping In National and State Parks in Southern California. bike riding in numerous open space areas. Guests also enjoy Bread a king, Art Projects and Beading, helping on neighborhood farms or visiting animal sanctuaries. We enjoy supporting guests during their stay by giving our time and effort for you to explore and learn about rural living. In return, we expect your focus and commitment to a solid work performance and respect nature, the environment, our life, home and property. We seek guest volunteers with a good honest heart aimed at service and support of others as we lead, guide, mentor and inspire you by our goal-oriented strategies to pursue a purpose filled way of life in a quiet peaceful place in the country. All team members will be expected to perform at your very best, follow directions completely and be accountable for your results, assigned tasks and any homework you might need to engage in a new task or skill. Please respect our property, our resources and our equipment. We are in a 6 year drought and we ask guests not be wasteful of water, food or supplies. We expect you to have a positive mindset, be respectful of others and our property. You must maintain daily, clean and tidy living quarters where you sleep, cook, eat and bathe, so that we do not attract unwanted pests like insects, rodents and wildlife. We are very committed to leadership and personal development work with those who stay with us. We believe we are proving you with a unique opportunity that will be invaluable over the course of your lifetime, especially during Covid19. This gift from us will facilitate your ability to discover what’s important to each of our lives, to realign our life’s purpose and invest in our goals together as a united community. If you are serious about working with us a minimum stay is 4 or more weeks, however you can stay longer if you like. After your initial 2 weeks here as our guest, we will sit down with you to perform a 2 week review to assess whether this experience is working well or needs some adjustments with performance or work ethic. For safety reasons, we cannot accommodate your pets, children or pregnant ladies in our remote area. No exceptions. Most free time is spent on our property here, to ensure a Covid19 safe stay for us all. We also enjoy Movie Nights on a big screen outdoors poolside or in our Home! Our location in Southern California has a beautiful climate year round! Our property has nightly incredible sunsets and views from a higher altitude with Palomar Mountain in our Backyard and Ocean Views facing West in the distance! Snow skiing is only a few hours away in the winter/spring months as well. We have amazing wildlife like roadrunners, eagles, hawks, Wild Turkeys, Quail, Coyotes, mountain lions among a few. For those who love running, there are many half or full marathons or 5k fund raising runs somewhere in the county and individually. All guests must submit an application to us that includes more details about a stay with us and gives you an opportunity to tell us as much as you can about yourself, your interests, and goals, plus why you want to spend time here with us. After you submit your application, we will arrange a skype or call to interview you and give you an opportunity to ask us any more questions about a stay with us, After that call, you will be required to provide copy of Government Photo ID, Proof of Visa if from outside USA or Canada, proof of travel health insurance and we will verify at least two references before we accept you for a guest stay. After your approval, we will have you complete and submit a medical health form in case of emergency. If you bring a vehicle, we will need a copy of your auto insurance policy as well. We will not permit any weapons on our property, any smokers, nor will we tolerate the use of Alcohol, Drugs, including marijuana on or off property. We are serious about only healthy, fit and positive minded people to be a guest here. If you aren’t certain about your physical or emotional well-being or heath and your ability to participate in hard and rigorous outdoor work in the cold or hotter climates, please discuss it with us further. As an advocate for personal growth and leadership training, we have a very important belief that it is necessary that our guests are aware and understand one core belief. We believe each of us are solely responsible for own lives and our own personal experiences, actions and results. If you believe it is our responsibility or others to provide an experience for you, or meet all your expectations, we request you consider another place to stay as we are very focused on personal responsibility for our family and all guests to create our own results and experiences. We expect everyone to help with all 4 types of help listed below as our guest. After your initial request for a stay, we will provide you with more details, work specifics, how are weekly schedule operates, and an application to join us. Prior to your arrival we will have you sign an agreement to abide by our rules and safety policies, plus have you sign a health waiver which is designed to place sole responsibility on your health, life and safety. Four Areas of Help to Assign Volunteers 1) Unskilled Outside help with our property like brush and vegetation management, garbage/recycling disposal, composting, weeding, gardening, green safe pest control, wood chopping, splitting and piling., Help with simple Construction and infrastructure projects, painting, fencing ,and Host, Derek is an Electrical Engineer, who will be leading a future project of solar energy for our agricultural power needs. 2) Inside help involving cleaning, cooking and odd jobs like simple homestead repairs and assembly 3) Animal Care: 1 dog and 4 cats, dog walking, Feeding, Cleaning, plus new feral cat colony for rodent control. We will have chickens back again once we complete our predator prevention strategies. 4) Assist with Social Media posting of photos, videos. All Volunteer Guests agree and plan to enjoy independent learning and research on sustainable farming practices either through internet searches and assigned homework and share with us all for a mutual educational exchange. Volunteer Guests will be help us 4-6 hours a day, 5.5 days a week with 2 days off, requiring a total of 25-30 hours of volunteer help each week in exchange for a valuable learning and cultural exchange experience. As well, all Guests are scheduled 2-3 nights a week on house duty (meaning you are on site for safety reasons but no scheduled tasks are assigned). We live in a wildfire zone and therefore due to the number of animals or others who may need to evacuate if a fire came into our area we need to ensure someone is on the property at all times especially during night time hours. Guests daily and on their own free time, maintain a clean, tidy and organized living quarters like Sleep areas, cooking and kitchen areas, indoors and outdoors, gathering areas, laundry area, BBQ area, pool deck and work areas. Guests are also welcome on their time off to make and plant their own gardens to learn about and grow foods, herbs etc. Most tasks begin after breakfast but some duties are scheduled later in the day with weekly schedules given out in advance. Days off are during the weekdays not the weekends. We tend to do larger and longer projects on Saturdays and Sundays when Host Family is not working remotely or in school. If you are planning to go hiking or camping it is less populated during the week and off peak times with less populated attendance, minimizing the Covid19 risks. To ensure we are confident that you have read our profile completely, please be sure to include in your subject line in your message to us or in your initial paragraph of your visit request the word: ”Samurai” After you submit your initial visit request to stay here, we will send you more all details and an application to complete within 72 hours. After your application is received wwe wil lscheduke a phone or Skype call with you. Accommodations We provide simple shared accommodations in a small Fifth Wheel trailer, and large Tents. We are currently developing bunk houses in small outbuildings as well for the future. We also have an in-ground pool for use during specified hours. Please expect to come here and be self-contained and independent so you are able to prepare and cook your own food, unless we have a volunteer guest here who is cooking for us all. We will provide purified water and simple whole food plant based groceries and produce to prepare meals on days you are helping and volunteering on tasks. Your Personal time off is your responsibility to provide your own meals. You are also responsible for providing your own personal snacks, condiments and beverages etc. During your stay here, you can easily order items you need or have delivered here. We do not provide our guests with any transportation to or from our property. All volunteer guests are required to have a cell phone and your own hotspot, internet or data plan for your use. Because we are in a rural area, it is preferable you bring your car or rent one. We do not provide Wi-Fi access. Activities you will enjoy here include: Animal care, Art project, Bread making, Community outreach, Construction project, Cooking, Energy production, Greenhouse maintenance, Harvesting, Help with eco-projects, Irrigation / watering, Kitchen help, Landscaping, Language practice, Meditation, Planting, Pruning, Seeding / transplanting, Weeding, Yoga and Compassionate Mindfulness. We have many volunteer projects and opportunities at our home and welcome the chance to engage and work with different people and thank you for considering us to be a part of your journey!

We all enjoy a daily quiet time from 9-11pm which then goes into lights out. All of us rise at 6am with most tasks begin after breakfast. Some duties may be later in the day at times based on weather and various needs. We also have wonderful bonus and reward earning opportunities during your stay. Those providing exceptional and extraordinary help with assignments can earn days off to stay at our sailboat docked down at Mission Bay at a fantastic place called Campland On The Bay. Team work can lead to additional bonuses to enjoy like our swimming pool plus we recently bought an outdoor movie screen and projector for special movie nights at the pool! We also have an outdoor pizza oven for fun pizza making! We love the opportunity to get to know people and mentor folks from all cultures and different backgrounds. We look forward to discussing all the options and opportunities we have here!


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Lisa and Derek, I am so grateful to have met you! Considering life’s unexpected circumstances, they both are so compassionate, caring and understanding. Great mentors and knowledge of local community. There is nothing more to ask for when you arrive to their property- comforting, safe and open-minded! I hope to come back and will always have in mind the life long relationships created in such short time!!

2 months ago

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