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It's great for people who want to escape the tourist bubble and be at a place that is a home away from home. Respectful, quiet, meeting many people in a warm environment, away yet close enough to the city center; these and other tags fit this hostel well, but i think you should just read some of the thousands of reviews online, they speak for themselves. Also, i'm updating the description and screening questions because we've had some people here who have no clue what volunteering means, time to add some more filters. IMPORTANT NOTE for the off season period - that's a time (usually november - end of february) when there's nothing or almost no work to be done. I'm still hosting, but i'm not taking care of the food because there is simply no reason for that, it would be silly :)

This is simple - what you bring with you will be reflected upon you. We've hosted volunteers for years, long before Worldpackers started. you'll be part of a team that respects you - go read the screening questions for more info on this and open your eyes, there's a few trick questions in there.


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I had a great experience staying three weeks in Mali Mrak. I could always contact Igor when necessary, and he made sure I had everything I needed during my stay. Definitely recommend the place for volunteering.

25 days ago



I loved my experience in Mali Mrak. I take with me very good memories and learnings.
Igor, the hostel and the city are very welcoming, I felt at home.
Also, Igor is transparent, organised and decisive, that makes working with him very easy.
The tasks are simple and don't take long, so there is plenty of free time to enjoy Zagreb. I really recommend comming to this place to meet the host, the guests and the dogs :D

2 months ago



I really enjoyed my time in Mali Mrak: the room I stayed in is very comfotable, the vive of the hostel is so nice and chill and Igor is very cool, he treats us very well, he is very organized and approachable. I definitely made some friendships that will last for a lifetime. The duties are simple and easy, you'll have more than enough time to explore Zagreb and it's surroundings.
I'm very thankful with Igor and everyone I met at the Mali Mrak, even Fenris and Spok. I'll definitely would like to return someday.

8 months ago



Mali Mrak it’s the best place to volunteer ever. I cannot express how good is that place. You’ll have everything you need, the job it’s easy and fun, the people are amazing, don’t think twice, go for it (if you’re cool, if you’re not - don’t even bother to apply). Igor and the staff are incredible and will do everything they can to make you feel like home. Ahauahau LOVE U PETRA.

8 months ago



Mail Mrak, Igor and Petra are definitely something else. You can count on feeling like you’re at home from the first interaction with anyone, including the most beautiful and amazing dogs you’ll meet. If you read carefully the description and talked with Igor you will understand that it’s a strait forward interchange (if you’re not an NPC). Tasks are fairly easy and you’ll get time to chill and do other stuff. As a plus, and very important, the kind of people the hostel attracts in general is unique and awesome. I’m definitely coming back to pay a visit and chill in this wonderful hostel.

10 months ago

Igor replied

Nico, and sorry for using your platform to amend a statement, but the worldpackers site is broken and there is no way of contacting the crew: I see some confusion by new applicants, based on a review left by a previous volunteer. I thought it was obviously a lie, but apparently not to everyone - no volunteer here pays for their food. The person is obviously lying by stating "you do this to all volunteers" - a) this would imply she actually met any of those previous volunteers (ridiculous) except Nico here and b) obviously not a single review mentions they had to pay for their own food, and rest assured they would say it - as we all know you're travelling on budgets and every cent counts. What really happened is she never asked for a refund ; even if i were not completely disgusted by the conduct of this person she would have received her money back, but i have a full house to run and frankly can't be bothered to think about such details. All it takes is a reminder and that's up to you, dear volunteers. As for the rest of her comments, it's hilarious and doesn't bear any further expense of energy, this has been more than enough.

Tx nico :)

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