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We are a small hostel with just a few staff members. We all love our job and we are looking forward in embracing someone new in our team. Someone with a new and fresh point of view.

We opened the Hostel Vrba in december 2014. Our main goal is that everbody would feel like at home. We dont have many employees amd time to time we need a bit of help from you travelers :)

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Ljubljana is a fantastic city with nature around to relax. And Vrba is the best place there to stay, volunteer & have fun- for sure.
The hostel isn't big, but all rooms have a perfect size to keep you confortable. It's very clean & organized. The tasks are quite easy!
Aleks is an incredible host! A friend for life. She really cared about my experience in the city & with her help things were easier & cheaper.
She cooks a marvelous burek & is always there to talk & have fun.
Tara, her cute dog, is also very nice & polite!!!!!!
I'll miss a lot this experience! Hope to meet you soon!! Hvala!

7 months ago


Aleks is the best girl I've ever met! She is straightforward with the tasks she assigned me and her opinion on how I was performing. If she thought I could improve, she would say it promptly and directly. She never asks for things she wouldn't herself do. She is the sweetest, kindest gal I've seen. She knows everything about the city, the tours, the restaurantes, the prices, the hidden gems, the drinks... It's like she founded the city herself. I'm dying to come back!!!

7 months ago


The best hostel I volunteered!!! Alex the host is amazing person, I was very sad to leave. But I will return for sure:))) I had a wonderful time, hostel is very cosy, friendly vibe, perfect place to connect with other travelers! And tasks are easy, you will have a time to explore.
I miss this wonderful place!!!!!!!

8 months ago


Aleks, the host, is the best. She is very chill and cool. I didn't feel like she was my boss, I felt like she was a friend. Plus, my roommate was a cool Lithuanian girl. I really enjoyed my stay in Vrba Hostel. The tasks were simple and I never worked alone, so I always had fun. I'm very thankful to Aleks for having me and for letting me stay 2 extra days, while I was looking for my next host :)

9 months ago


It was my first experience as a volunteer in the hostel and I really enjoyed it. Aleks is amazing host. She makes you feel like home. She marks the fact that most important thing for us is to know Slovenia and to explore it in the most pleasant way. She can be your friend, advisor, mother and co-worker. You just feel like member of family, like friend, like person people cares about and you want to make that place you're living at the moment beautifful, clean and nice to stay at. Liubliana is lovely city. Thank you everything Vrba family! Hvala!

9 months ago

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