Join our community and co-work for a sustainable living in the wild and ancient Azahar coastline, north of Valencia, Spain!

Located in the middle of a Mediterranean valley surrounded by hills, overlooking the Azahar golden coastline, between the ancient village of Peniscola and Benicassim city, you find “Wild Spirit Institute”. The project´s aims are many; from the conservation of the typical “Maquis” shrub-lands and reforestation of its native species, to promote environmental education through alternative ways of living focused on permaculture principles, sustainable projects, arts and multi-cultural workshops trying to get everyone involved: friends, companions, travellers, schools, families and small producers of the region as if our little piece of heaven was a place of learning, showing how it´s possible to live in harmony with nature. Little is accomplished yet, but gradually things will come together! At the moment, I´m about ready to start renovating part of the house. Thus, I´m mainly looking for people who have experience with building – roofs, woodwork, clay-work, eco-friendly building - anything that involves working on a building site or other useful tasks: -Roof (we soon need a new one!) -Carpentry -Bio-construction -Painting -Dry toilet (make one ) -Outside shower (same as above!) -Greywater recycling -Upcycling furniture ideas -Landscaping -House Cleaning -Food waste composter You will learn: Languages Build stuff Cooking healthy food (well, sometimes ahaha) Natural healings Live into the Wild Photography Skills Follow your instinct and emotions The school of life, “The Road” Writing a diary or poems. If you´re up to, you can even read the book I wrote! Get inspired Say yes to anything you bump into Music! We like to play music here, if u play anything u can join us, and if u don't...well it is about time to learn something! ACCOMODATION INFO: Very simple! A bed in a shared room or in a tent. Part of the house is almost finished although on its basic (kitchen, living room, wc). We have a rainwater harvesting system, a fireplace, a kitchen gas, a barbecue and a big wood oven outside. We´ll soon have electricity by solar panels! We access the Internet via mobile phone. If you have your own tent and you´re keen to make a wild camping on site, go for it! In case you´re travelling aimlessly by van or car, it´d be really helpful to discovery the region at ease. HELP Ideally you should be able to stay for at least two weeks to a month as this is a large project needing time, patience and energy. You will be asked to help for 5 days, 5 hours per day and you´ll have every weekend off to enjoy the area. The meals will be prepared together with the volunteers and are not considered working hours! The food is basic, focused mostly on a vegetarian menu, and a little bit of meat once in a while. But, we´re very flexible!  Once the daily tasks are done, you can feel pretty free to do whatever you want. Creating arts, growing plants, playing with Chiara (my lovely four-legged friend), doing meditation, take long strolls through the wild or have a nice bike rides down the hills, along the dirty road towards the numerous sandy beaches. Feel free to leave your essence in this place! WHAT ELSE The closest town is Vilanova D´ Alcolea about 3km north, where there are small shops, and bars. The nearby beach from our place, is around 10 minutes by car, 30-35 minutes by bike. The whole area surrounding is filled of stunning Middle-Ages villages like Benlloch, Villaframes, Cabanes and Peniscola; all places where you can dip into the ancient Spanish culture and spectacular pagan and religious festivities. On the other hand you have the gleaming cities of Benicassim, 30km away, and Castellon de la Plana both lay by the seaside, well-known for their summer festivals, long sandy beaches and crazy nightlife. Other breath-taking spots are the National Park “Desert de les Palmes” and the Natural Park Serra D´Irta. In general terms, the scenery of the region varies from red clay deserts, blue-steel waves and palm trees, to wild hills and mountains with views of the Mediterranean Sea all over the place. So photographers, campers, hikers and artists will find inspiration here indeed! We have so much to see here around hahaha! A little more than hour's trip by train from Benicassim brings you to the City of Valencia!

My name´s Fran, and I´m adventurer, photographer, writer and musician, well, that kind of crazy bohemian and sentimental guy. Hahaha. After I´ve been travelling and working for more than ten years in the four corners of this too-big world, I finally put my hands on this beautiful piece of land, 8-10 hectares of olive groves, pine trees and low shrubs coming into view on different terraces levels, inhabited by hares and wild boars. There are loads of spots on site where you can re-connect to nature, watch the stars glowing in the inky countryside´s skies, encircled by the magical sparkle of a few candles, and silence. There´s an old house made of stones, where I´m trying to learn how to settle down a bit, while creating a community of people to share experiences with, exchanging learnings about agroecology, self-reliance, green energy, and more likely to live together, that life dream of the wild. So, everyone´s on the same page, is welcome to come and stay as long as they wish. There´s a family waiting for you!


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Si te gusta el trabajo duro principalmente, ve y ayuda a frank, es un lugar que ahora necesita mucho del mismo, pero con la expectativa que en un futuro podemos volver y seguir aportando.Otra cosa a mencionar es que es un lugar lindo para desconectar, en verdad valorar la electricidad, el agua.Para mí fue muy importante reafirmar mi compromiso con el cuidado de ella, si quieres entrar en un ambiente de muy poco uso de agua también es un buen lugar.Kyara sin duda es única, súper amorosa, cariñosa y juguetona.

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