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There are always a lot of varied and interesting projects to help with here, and for those willing to put in some effort with good spirit and humour there's plenty of knowledge and friendships to take away with you. My hope is that you'll leave learning about a culture / lifestyle you didn't know about before, improved English, maybe some DIY skills and maybe even a little Urdu! We've hosted over 40 guests over the years across other sites, but we're new to worldpackers :)

We're a traditional muslim family, with my parents having left pakistan/india before the partition, so if you want to experience what life is like for a 'typical'? London family living in the suburbs (not the centre), we'd love to have you join us! My sisters a primary school teacher, currently into organic 'everything', gardening and pottery. Given we're from an eastern culture, we're relatively warm and open in the global scale of things, the more you get involved the more you'll feel part of the family! If you are an honest person and have plenty of independence you will be welcome to help on this project. The things that we'll need help with are many and varied, sanding, painting, gardening - all the way to plastering, carpentry, electrics, stronger DIY skills will be given preference. I suggest that volunteers come for one week first, then if it all works out we can negotiate the duration of the stay. You will need to be physically fit and we're happy to take either one or two single individuals.

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