Kimchee Guesthouse Busan Downtown

Our guesthouse is a short walk from the entertainment center of Busan: Seomyeon. Bomnaegol Subway Station being just a 30 second walk from our guesthouse, you can reach popular beaches and attractions easily!

With only 2 hours of work per day 5 days a week helping with our daily housekeeping, you are free to do whatever you would like with the rest of your time.

In exchange for your work, we provide free accomodation, and rice and ramyeon!

All facilities (kitchen, laundry, free wifi and etc. ) are available 24/7.

All the staff are nice and friendly, and are ready to help you with everything you need! It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make some lifelong friends~ Let's have a fun experience in one of Korea's beautiful coastline cities, Busan!

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Work is easy, staff super friendly and hostel is a nice place to live in. Good place to make international friends and find someone to explore Busan with. Definitely recommend to other volunteers!

15 days ago



It was my first experience as a volunteer and it was fantastic!
I couldn't have asked for anything better: the staff and other volunteers are super friendly. I have met so many wonderful people!
The work is straightforward. The dorms are comfy and there is a fully equipped kitchen.
A big thank you to Rei and all the other volunteers for making this an unforgettable experience...Definitely recommended

23 days ago



This was my first experience as volunteer and it was a beautiful month thanks to Rei and the other staff.
The work is as expected without any complexities, the 2 days off are perfect for visit Busan and also nearby. I learnt a lot about Korean culture and also about other city’s culture thanks to the fact of working and having fun with other volunteers.
So thank you for this amazing first experience that open the door for the next adventures.

23 days ago



Tuve una experiencia muy agradable ☺️ esta experiencia me ayudó a conocer personas alrededor del mundo cada día, lo cuál fue muy gratificante. Puesto que aprendí sobre su cultura e idiomas. Me sentí bienvenida y acogida en todo momento. Fué mi hogar lejos de casa, me sentí respetada y valorada como parte del equipo. Y agradezco mucho la estadía y la oportunidad. El ambiente entre todos los voluntarios es genial y hay mucha diversión por todas partes. Recomiendo la experiencia.

30 days ago



I had a great time at Kimchee Guesthouse. I was very nervous before coming but i immediately felt at ease from the first day. Super friendly staff and the work was easy to do.
Couldn't have asked for a better first time volunteer experience

about 1 month ago

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