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Besides supporting various retreats and programs at the center, we also be offer our own rest and restore midweek programs and seek volunteers who could actively help us support these programs by offering yoga, meditation, breathwork or any other healing activities such as art, dance and music.

Please note that the minimum age requirement to join our international team of volunteers is 25. We also require a minimum stay of 8 weeks to fully integrate with our team and activities.

We invite you to explore, learn and actively participate in an environment supporting self-transformation and share with us the enriching way of living. We openly welcome people to join us to participate in our daily rhythm and live in the community for a period of minimum 6 weeks or more. For those who are staying with us longer there is an opportunity to experience different programs, participate in different retreats, or play a more active role within the center.


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I’m profoundly grateful for my time spent at The Koningsteen. It was an extraordinary experience! The place is beautiful and super comfortable but the opportunity to share with the marvelous people that coincided with while the 8 weeks I spent there was the real gift!
I enjoyed every task given weather it was cooking with Kristine, Sarah or Charlotte; making the beds with Lhamo, or washing the dishes of 30 (very satisfied)people with another volunteer, it was always fun and easy. Dieter is a caring leader, always making sure everybody is ok, all them are in my heart now forever! Thank you <3

about 1 year ago

United States


Apart from the lovely staff and ambiance, this experience allowed me to sharply increase my cooking skills while giving me the unique opportunity to converse with people from all over the world.

The working schedule is balanced; your weeks are split, typically with 3-5 days of free time in between group sessions, so you'll be able to explore different cities, practice new skills, or just take some downtime on the grounds playing with the cats and meditating.

To sum up, I absolutely recommend Koningsteen.

Also, if you sign up quickly, I left some truffle honey in the kitchen ;)

over 1 year ago



Koningsteen is an awesome place filled with positive energy and surrounded by nature,
I met great people there. The host, Dieter was very kind and friendly making sure we were all having a good time, I also got along well with the other volunteer, in our spare time, we visited other cities.
The tasks were simple and there was always room to be creative and develop some new skills. I definitely recommend this experience if you are looking for some peace of mind, to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

almost 2 years ago



Koningsteen is a beautiful place surrounded by nature. The sound of the birds is incredible. I was very well received by everyone, the tasks are simple - they just demand care, and there's enough free time to visit other cities, if you want it. Monique is a lovely woman and you can see her beautiful soul in every detail of the place.

about 4 years ago



Koningsteen is such a wonderful place to be at.Not to mention the nature,food and the people.It was amazing to spend time with different nationalities.I have learnt so much during my stay especially on hospitality.The people are so welcoming and helpful and it felt like a second home for me.I definitely recommend this place.Cheers.

about 4 years ago

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