Landhotel Pferdeschulze

In Wietzetze, very close to the village of Hitzacker, emerges the Landhotel Pferdeschulze,
the alma mater of hundreds of people in search of a green, rural ecosystem and
extraordinary tranquillity.
However, this is not just a hotel, but an equestrian centre full of vibrant activities that attract
people from all over Germany and even as far away as Australia, with a constant stream of
nature and equestrian enthusiasts coming and going.
This family business has Welsh roots, so we embrace any kind of multiculturalism. If you
want to come and help us, you are more than welcome!
We receive a variety of volunteers on a monthly basis who are looking for goals as varied as
a sense of freedom or the intention to practice their German, which is made possible by both
the Schulze family and the staff who are willing to help.
We offer a full range of daily meals (with vegetarian and vegan options!), accommodation
and two days off per week. In return, we simply ask you to help with some of the hotel's
chores; from cleaning rooms and kitchen work to maintaining the horse stables. Of course,
we are willing to listen to what your predispositions are once you are with us.
And remember, if you are one of those who love to wake up with the morning dew and go to
bed with a brilliant array of star constellations, the Landhotel Pferdeschulze is the right place
for you. Go ahead!

Our Motto.. you'll get out, what you put in! Only together can we rock the boat! Hi!, I am Max, one of the managers of this family business. For many years we have had a strong interest in promoting volunteering at the Landhotel Pferdeschulze, a nice way to integrate, enjoy and learn from other cultures of the world. If you have a great love for nature and animals, I have no doubt that we are the perfect place for you, where you can fulfil your volunteering goals in a respectful, peaceful and pleasant way. Regarding the language, some of the staff speak English fluently, but if your goal is to learn German while helping us, there are workers who only know German who are willing to help you improve! Finally, once you plan your trip to Wietzetze, I recommend going from Hamburg. There you will need to take a train to Lüneburg, and from there you will see several buses that will drop you off within an hour in the vicinity of the hotel. Nowadays in Germany there is a monthly ticket with which you can travel on any public transport in the country, so you have no problem taking the various transfers. The Schulze family and the other volunteers are waiting for you! Landhotel Pferdeschulze


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The first thing I would like to highlight was the closeness and kindness of the Schulze family, about which I have no complaints. Otherwise, I had to end my experience a month earlier than planned because things began to go wrong: disagreements began with the person in charge of the volunteers, who works in the stables. We had a meeting with those responsible to talk about the working conditions of the volunteers and from then on things got worse: bad faces, constant orders, incomprehension and 0 flexibility. I experienced some situations that made me end my experience earlier than planned.

20 days ago

Max replied

Dear Mery,
thank you for your detailed review.
We hope you had a safe journey home.
After speaking to you about working conditions and changing the weekly schedule for your interests we had the feeling the situation for yourself got better. We were suprised when you told us you will leave during the next day. So we didn´t have the change to make your experience last till the end like planned. Unfortunately it is very difficult to take care about every single issue while working in a team eventhough we thought we took a lot of care of your special private situation.
Nevertheless we wish you all the best and hope you keep on traveling and volunteering because we love to give young people the opportunity to experience culture, working, traveling etc.
Regards from Family and Team Pferdeschulze



Muy bien ambiente laboral, solo hace adecuar bien para las temporadas de invierno y verano las instalaciones y dinamizar el compromiso entre los voluntarios de hacer el aseo a sus instalaciones los cuales deben ser coordinados por el anfitrión dentro el horario laboral en todo lo demás excelente

about 1 month ago



When I arrive I was with two Colombiens boys in the room and the bathroom wasn't clean. I didn't feel serene and comfortable with this experience.

2 months ago

Max replied

Dear Carla,
unfortunately we couldn´t give you the experience the other volunteers enjoy with us. In our profile we make public that we have one shared room with. We hope you keep on traveling. All the best to you.
Regards Family and Team Pferdeschulze



If you're wondering where all the best volunteers went, it's here! Alongside the lovely horses, they made the work pleasurable and my stay a truly unforgettable experience.
Arriving there was quite a challenge, though. Be sure to remind the host about your arrival and get somebody's phone number beforehand. Trust me!
Be prepared to work at the hotel too, and when there're guests-to work under pressure.
And in the winter, consider twice if you can stand cold dormitory!
Most of the people are so heartwarmingly nice and helpful there, I felt very welcome to work the stables and in the kitchen!

4 months ago

Theresa replied

Hey Katarzyna,
thanks again for your great help. Hope to see you again in future.
All the very best.



This was my first experience working with horses, and it was nice learning about them and how to interact with them, so no previous knowledge is required. At the stable, most of the interactions regarding training and daily tasks were with Theresa. She is a very sweet person who tries to make sure that everything is going well with the volunteers. I really enjoyed working with her. Also most of the people working at the stable and the hotel are Germans, so it's a good place to practice the language. If you want to be in a quiet place and go for walks in the nature, this is a great option.

4 months ago

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