Liky Li

We have been hosting via workaway and helpx and other avenue for the last 5 years or so. We have hosted over 50 people and is aware how to be fair and just. Our location is super close to NYC and we could make a ton of suggestion on making your stay as eventful as possible while keeping things fair between both parties.

We have a bunch of places and we use our staff to setup and clean the houses. They usually live in the house they clean but things could change due to many reasons such as sickness, people going on vacation, staff changing etc. Think of it as a hostel job and it's the closest to the type of work you will be doing


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The experience was amazing.
Grace and Liky, the hosts were very supportive during my stay.
I worked in the morning, but they are very flexible. Access to Manhattan is quite simple. Hope to be back soon.


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