Little Paradise

People visiting the house have reported the following learnings from the stay with us: - establishing or intensifying a daily meditation routine, - experiencing (deep) inner peace and stillness, - broad learning about a multitude of questions (concerning inner work and spirituality) that might have arisen during their stay with us, - visions/ideas and motivation to proceed with new projects in their lives. You need to have your own practices and topics that you want to work or focus on as otherwise you will be bored quickly. Beginners on the spiritual path were oftentimes not happy here, as we just "live" a deep spiritual focus that has some elements of monastic life. We do not offer specific schooling or teaching, but the house provides support for your own efforts in a multitude of ways. For some volunteers, the stay with us has been truly transformational. Of course, this is very much dependent upon the individual person coming. Beginners on the spiritual quest or people unfamiliar with turning inwards will find other places more suitable for them.

In the house, we aim to combine a detached clarity (and a certain strictness that is necessary for this clarity) with a more female warmth and caring when hosting our guests. We are two permanent residents and offer three private guestrooms (and one for the volunteers). Volunteers oftentimes become half family, half guest, half employee, half meditation companion. They become part of the ever-changing small community that resides in our place. It is mostly up to the individual volunteer in how far they prefer to socialize, lose themselves in nature or meditation or just enjoy a mix of all of this. We are intense meditators and like to meditate for 3-4 hours, daily (morning and evening group meditations). Volunteers are expected to have an interest in meditation and going inwards. On the date of your arrival please arrive no later than 6.30 pm. Later check-in is not possible.

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