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We host tourists who are already visiting Canada. You must have a VALID visa to visit Canada or be here already. We DO NOT write letters of invitation for people we have never met, you must get a visa on your own. If you have a travel, work or study visa, please apply for the specific travel dates when you plan to arrive here and check in, so you can book your spot to come and stay. Your first 30 days, we ask for a minimum $25 per day donation to help grow our eco project and confirm your spot with us. If you love it here, work hard and fit beautifully in our eco community you may earn a "full ride" scholarship for your 6-12 month culinary permaculture certification & we may be willing to help you apply for permanent residency if you would like to continue with us, [after you have already come to stay with us for a volunteer visit and we have had the chance to get to know you and like you as the awesome generous human you are!]

Shared life PERMACULTURE collective house eco project. Be here, NOW in a cozy traditional teepee, treehouse or cob house in a faerie food forest garden on the wildlife wetlands @ McArthur Island Park. Perhaps the last heritage farm in the city, we are the original Huxley farmhouse in Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc. Big rivers, lakes, mountains, rock climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, paddle sports, Kamloops is a small city immersed in big nature. Skate park, running trails, downhill mountain biking, white sand river beaches, minutes away. Share music jams, board games, movie nights & ETHICALLY OMNIVOROUS farm to table meals. Watch eagles, owls, ducks, beavers, lynx, racoons, deer at your doorstep. Clothing optional (naked) pool patio, faerie forest gardens, awesome music, cool conversation, amazing food, community care, wonder, bliss and joy. Wild & whimsical, this waterfront oasis in the desert grasslands will wow you. Immerse yourself in organic wonder & bohemian hippie fun!

Collaborative visitors are a vital part of this sphere; help with simple chores in our home kitchen & forest gardens to keep everything clean, organized & running smoothly. Daily work here is maintenance - "the laying on of hands" - it's how we get more love in the world. Kahlil Gibran says "Work is Love made visible." We work hard, play hard, nourish our shared earth, one another & love doing it. Hostel dorm style accommodation for singles with real beds in a shared teepee or a private cob house tiny for couples. First come, first dibs. This little piece of the spiral is collaborative, co-created, self-directed, entrepreneurial in focus with each of our core peeps taking turns to lead, follow & hold sacred space for equitable growth in new found tribe. Engage, accomplish, collaborate, learn about urban homesteading & share in our culinary adventures!

Newbies start with a minimum 30 day volunteer stay; we prefer to host those who intend to complete a 6-12 month culinary permaculture internship and offer generous scholarships to awesome volunteers ($4550 value). We invite cool kats who fit this puzzle seamlessly to stay & complete 1-4 year eco business apprenticeship papers on scholarship ( learn about food forest gardens, wild culinary design, online marketing, photography, farm stay guest house, eco cleaning & body care, recycled building projects, ethnobotany, artisanal food production). Certification details your responsibility, accountability in flow & skill sets you develop with us based on the realization of your own entrepreneurial vision statement. Current projects: deep cleaning, garden prep, juicing, bread, soup & jam-making, labeling; assemble gorgeous goodies boxes for mail orders on Etsy's earthmarket. We grow native indigenous & wild botanicals; harvest, dry & rub herbs, herbal teas, spice blends, botanical sodas, pick berries & fruit, dry, ferment, freeze, gather, harvest, repair, clean, organize, clean guest rooms, change beds, care for chickens, find eggs in the faerie forest, mud the cob house, earth ship, rocket stove, cob pizza oven, root new fruit trees & make 3 Michelin star-worthy whole food feasts twice daily to WOW our international guests. Want to learn how to wild harvest? Do you like to sweep, clean, repair, read, play music, swim, hot tub, do yoga or lie naked in the sun, paddle, skateboard, trampoline? Are you a natural eco builder or fixologist? Do you have beautiful handwriting for labels or artistic faerie skills for decorating - the goodies box - with cones, sprigs, berries & forest harvests? We have camera / audio equipment for virtual sharing of this eco project, so if you dig photo, video, livestream or social media, bring your skills, equipment, ideas and let's grow this together. Building momentum into 2024, we see co-creation with those who film, edit, hunt/fish/butcher, yogi, body work, landscape/rock build, farm, arborist. Here for Harvest / Winter Crew 2023 Lucas, Lauraleen, Furano, India, Colin & Alexandra are contagiously enthusiastic, perfectly imperfect, fallible humans. We respectfully engage, go deep & realize home on this land. Ask for what you want. Tell people your needs. Share your feelings & All is well. Please ensure you have read and understood all the House Rules, Guidelines and Intentions for respectful collaboration in this shared life space: House Rules and Other things to note: Clothing optional patio, natural swimming pool (April to October) & alkaline mineral hot tub. All guests are comfortable with natural nudity, and prefer to swim and sun naked. Pool, hot tub, wireless and main house great room are available between 8am - 10pm daily. We take one 24 hr wireless/screen free day each week, currently Friday-Saturday by consensus. NO synthetic chemical fragrance, commercial tobacco, cigarettes, smoking, smokers, or nicotine vapers, dabs, pens, shatter, chemical concentrate, distillate etc. Mostly chemical, pharmaceutical & plastic free environment. We clean with baking soda, vinegar and essential oils; bath products come from the health food store or are handmade. We work hard to eliminate cycles of addiction here and be present in authentic wellness. Private use of daily medicinal plants, oil, extract, tinctures, CBD, herbs, homeopathy, and occasional sacred plant medicine ceremonies are awesome. Occasional NATURAL cannabis plant, (edibles, vaporize or smoke) is okay on the pool deck or in the hot tub. Limited use of coffee, recreational cannabis or alcohol, defined as 2-3x times per month or week is comfortable here for inner circle cohabitation, functional engagement and collaborative success. LGBTQP2S friendly, liberal, open minded, poly-curious, relationship anarchists. We practice the four agreements, compassionate communication (NVC), radical intimacy, being yoga, active meditation & teach only Love. If we are folks you've been looking for, come live, laugh, work & play with us a while. Please use the word AWESOME in your reply and tell us why you really love it!

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