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All change with me! I have bought a little house that needs some work to make it into a home. I am looking for someone with a skill of the building trade; carpentry, plumbing, roofing or general building. I hope to find someone for March or April - or both. As a traveler you will enjoy the nature all around this quiet village. I make my own bread and cook everything from fresh at all times. This is also an opportunity for someone to come here for cooking and language practice, as I speak English and French. Please do not come here to learn French, you will be very disappointed! There are always improvements to be made and your input and inspiration is very welcome. VERY IMPORTANT: 1)The village does not have public transport so it is NOT suitable for people wanting to explore by themselves, so please do not apply for this opportunity if you have your own agenda. 2) I offer a home-stay ideal for people who want to immerse themselves in Breton life and disconnect from social media. If you are looking for a place where you work fixed hours please do not ask to come! 4)This position will only suit people who are curious, enjoy food, will want to join in with local events, and does not have to spend all night on the phone to friends! People who want to enjoy what Brittany offers are very welcome and I will happily be your guide and take you to music and other events. I will be very happy to learn Spanish and practice yoga if you can guide me. If you do not enjoy food please do not ask to come...!

I am an English person settled in France for 17 years. I try to grow as much of my own food as I can and make jams and preserves. I collect wild mushrooms and other produce that nature provides us with. Vegetarians are very welcome, I do eat meat and fish but very little red meat; we eat all meals together and I adapt to your diet with the main meal being in the evening. You have a double room to yourself and share a bathroom with me. Sheets and towels are provided. I have no staff, by using volunteer help it is easier to be more self sufficient and gives the opportunity for travelers to enjoy this rural corner of France. Expect to be asked to do housework and gardening, to go mushroom hunting (May to Dec) in the local forest, walk in the valley and go to the beach when hot! I only need one person at a time but for the building project I will take 2, and like people to stay a minimum of 2 weeks, but longer is better for you and me... Days off: Sunday, and other time by arrangement. Many events happen on Sundays and I will be willing to take you.


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Not sure how to write a short and concise review in under 600 characters, so first of all I need to say THANK YOU to David, once again. It was my first experience on WP & absolutely fantastic.
If you are open-minded and up for adventures I 100% recommend spending some time with David. He is one of the most generous, kind, caring, adventurous and smart people I have met. The work isn't demanding at all, and you will feel safe, respected, and cared for from day 1. I have too many good memories from this time in Brittany; people like David are so rare nowadays.

9 months ago



I have no words to describe this experience. David is a very dear and caring man who loves his garden and his food. I went alone and felt very safe and welcomed, as if it were at an uncle's house. David shares his life with us and teaches us about different subjects. Thank you for everything! Merci ❤

10 months ago



Very nice person and great chef, you will really enjoy what he cooks. It wasn’t much to do what it was a problem. So he decided to do a deep clean, that it hadn’t been done for months and it wasn’t on his profile. He also wants you to be around all the time, there is not public transport which I knew in advanced and it was ok for working days , but for him that includes your days off, so that means that you are no supposed to go anywhere, what he told me when I came back from my days off ( just once in two weeks), when we talked before about I’d like to visit Mont Saint Michel.

11 months ago



That was my first worldpacker experience and it couldn't have been more amazing. David is great and treated me with a lot of respect, I learned a lot from him!

The work is rewarding, the food is just wonderful (David is a super chef!), the landscape is breathtaking, impossible not to feel at peace during the walks. He took me to see Brittany and it was fantastic. I met some of his friends, incredible people, who were always very patient with my poor French.

Certainly one of the best experiences of my life, a piece of my heart will stay here. Thank you so much for everything, David!!

about 1 year ago



cher David. Merci beaucoup pour le séjour chez vous, ce fut une expérience formidable pour moi, je suis vraiment désolé que tout ce chiste du Coronavirus avance mon départ. Merci de m'avoir appris à faire de la marmelade d'orange, c'est le meilleur que j'aie jamais goûté. de nombreux succès et jusqu'à la prochaine fois

over 1 year ago

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