Maison Kerr

As a traveler you will enjoy the nature all around this quiet village. I grow many types of vegetables which helps which means we can create lovely homegrown healthy meals! I make my own bread and cook everything from fresh at all times. By helping in the daily duties in the garden or kitchen you will have the opportunity to learn from me and hopefully I will learn from you. Language practice is also on offer as I speak English and French. There are always some small improvement projects and your input and inspiration is very welcome. The village does not have public transport so it is not suitable for people wanting to explore by themselves. I offer a homestay ideal for people who want to imerse themselves in Breton life and disconnect from social media. If you are looking for a place where you work fixed hours please do not ask to come! The help I need will depend mostly on the month you come. People who want to enjoy what Brittany offers are very welcome and I will happily be your guide and take you to music and other events.

I am an english person setted in France for 15 years. I try to grow as much of my own food as I can and make jams and preserverses. I collect wild mushrooms and other produce that nature provides us with. Vegetarians are very welcome, I do eat some meat and fish but we eat all meals together and I adapt to your diet with the main meal being in the evening. You have a double room to yourself and share a bathroom with me. Sheets and towels are provided. I have no staff, by using volunteer help it is easier to be more self sufficient and gives the oppotunity for travelers to enjoy this rural corner of France. I only need one person at a time and like people to stay a minimum of 2 weeks, but longer is better!


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David will do everything to make you feel good, but the farm is very isolated, there is nothing to do around and it will be only you and him. I do not recommend it for girls travellig alone.

3 months ago

David replied

Having had nearly 70 single girls here (using another hosting site - Workaway) this is the first time I have been told it is not suitable!! I offer a safe and friendly enviroment which is mostly very well appreciated. So I guess it depends on each person.


I loved my staying at Maison Kerr.
David is a great man, he showed me many aspects of country life in Brittany, it was really fulfilling and made me able to leave with a better knowledge of Breton culture.
I still miss his wonderful garden and his amazing recipes, he is literally both an artist of the garden and of kitchen! :)
Among the planned activities, I also had the opportunity to do mushroom hunting and to visit many interesting places around the area.
I really suggest to take a visit to Maison Kerr and to Melrand, in particular to people who likes nature and simple life.

5 months ago


I had an awesome time with David, the job was nice and it was really rewarding to see the difference we made at the end of each day.
Melrand is an amazing little town, perfect if you want to experience nature and the beauty of the french country side, David was kind enough to take me around Brittany and I could see a bit more of the region and get to know some history about those places.
Beside all that, the house was very nice, and the bedroom/bed very comfortable. David is the best cook ever, and I could even learn how to make some things from him. 😊
Thanks for everything.

9 months ago


The stay with David was really nice, he's an excellent cooker, each night we had great experiences. The nature in the Brittany it's incredibly beautiful. If you want to disconnect from the world and be relax it's the perfect please, and David take you to some places, wich is super! You have to be disponible all the time.

about 1 year ago

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