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UPDATE: All positions are booked till January/February but some helpers didn't arrive yet so you can apply since their situation might change. In Xmas time usually we have a lot of empty rooms so we could host more than 3 helpers from 17.12 till 05.01 aprox, but only if you can help with the Marketing positions since we don't need more help with cleaning. We are a guesthouse in the centre of Birmingham, the second biggest city in the UK full of opportunities. The location is very good since you can go walking everywhere. We offer 50% of days off and Birmingham is in the centre of the UK so it's perfect for exploring other cities like London (From £3 by bus), Liverpool (£5), Bristol, Manchester etc. Very good environment sharing with other 2 helpers, 2 managers, guests, and in the heart of the city where there are a lot of activities like parties, dancing lessons (Some of them free) and trekking activities, cycling, etc. We can give you tips about international organisations for meeting more people and participating in their activities for free, and travel tips to save money since we have backpacking We have a female cat called Simba so if you are a cat lover she will be your friend!

We are a team of 6 people including 3 helpers, 2 managers and myself who are always in touch in Whatsapp but also we have meals together, and we can introduce you our friends in Birmingham if you want to go out to events, parties or trekking activities, etc. The helpers share a room just for them and 2 kitchens and living rooms with other guests and the managers, and sometimes we organise barbecues etc. We provide £40 per week for money for food and you can cook in the 2 kitchens where guests and managers cook too.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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