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Mapache Hostel feels like being at home. We take you in and make you part of the family. We are a small but growing business so you get the opportunity to suggest changes and be part of the development of the hostel. We are determined to give the best costumer services on the island so we take training very serious. You are sure to learn new things during your time with us while having the best time. So far most of our volunteers have extended their stay or even came back to work again a second time.

I am Swiss, a passionate traveller myself and have been in Mexico since 2016. After living here for many years I now share my time between Mexico and Switzerland. The hostel has a manager and two cleaning workers that are fixed staff. Our paid receptionists are usually Mexican travellers who stay for 3 months or more. We further have 3-4 volunteers living on the premises in tents. It is a very familiar atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and feels at home.


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Mapache Hostel feel like Home! It was my first volunteering, and was amazing, the hostel & staff was amazing, so thanks Nadja a Delphine for the opportunity. The Hostel is a two blocks of the beach, and you have all near! I would come back every time!

about 1 month ago

Delphine replied

Thank you for your kind words Carlos! We miss you at the hostel and can't wait for your return.



My experience at Mapache was amazing!
Holbox island is a little paradise
If you’re in charge of activities, the job is pretty straightforward : you organise activities, and besides that you have to make sure the guest have a good time and gather them all together. You have to work autonomously so if you have any questions or you need help don’t hesitate to ask.
Mapache hostel as really great vibes. It will make you feel part of a family. The staff and others volonteers are amazing people. You sleep in a tent, which means you have your own personal space, even if it can be hot sometimes

2 months ago

Delphine replied

Thank you Lara! It was a true pleasure to have you on our team and we miss you already.

United Kingdom


Holbox is an amazing island and I would recommend anyone to go visit if you love the beach and camping (since you'll be sleeping in a tent)! It is a little more expensive than the rest of Mexico, so be prepared for that. As for Mapache, the team I worked with was amazing, and the hostel was a really chill atmosphere. However, multiple times I felt disrespected by management and I was blamed for things that were out of my control. Aside from that, it was a great experience!

3 months ago

Delphine replied

Dear Amelia,
I'm really glad you had such a great time in Holbox and got along well with the team! I apologize for making you feel disrespected and appreciate your feedback - this is not how I would ever want to make someone feel.
Unfortunately, already on the first day, it became evident that you had strongly exaggerated your kitchen experience. Guests and other team members often complained about the quality of work and over time it became unsatisfying that certain mistakes were repeated.
Still, your outgoing personality contributed to a great atmosphere at the hostel and I'm sorry we didn't get off on the right foot. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and great onward travels.
Best regards,



Mi experiencia en Mapache fue increíble! Desde el primer día me sentí bienvenida, Nadja me llevó a conocer todo el pueblo y me presentó a sus amigos de la isla! El hostel es chiquito, del tamaño de una casa, con lo cual hacer amigos es inevitable! El voluntariado de actividades es el mejor! Me ayudo a mejorar mis habilidades sociales, mi nivel de inglés y todo eso mientras conocía la isla de pies a cabeza! Tenia la libertad de establecer mi propio horario asi como las actividades semanales. Jamás olvidare estos 2 meses en holbox! La isla es hermosa, tranquila, divertida y muy segura!

3 months ago

Delphine replied

Gracias por tus amables palabras, Alexis. Fue un placer conocerte y siempre tendrás casa en Holbox con nosotros. Gracias por tu increíble trabajo y por ir siempre más allá de las expectativas. Te deseo lo mejor y espero verte pronto!

United States


Volunteering at Mapache was a beautiful experience. I learned and grew so much while I was here. Holbox is an AMAZING island with everything you need. The work is simple and straight forward no matter what job you have. I will miss this place so much and I thank everyone that made this experience so special. If you have the chance to live in a tent on an island in Mexico, I 100% suggest you take it ❤️Gracias Gracias Gracias!

5 months ago

Delphine replied

Thank you for your kind words Tori! It was a pleasure meeting you and having you on our team. Thank you for always going above and beyond and for your positive vibes and energy. We miss you already and wish you nothing but the best.

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