Masia Can Casas

We are located in the middle between Girona and Barcelona (each 50 minutes by car or 2 hours by public transport), a natural park with hiking paths starts just in the backyard, lots of cyclists come across our village every day and we have the mediterrean sea 15 minutes by bike away. So if you want to experience the "Catalunian experience", this is the place to be!

"The project" actually consists of Claudia and Soeren. We relocated some time ago from Germany to Spain (Barcelona) and finally found our place in the area of "Montnegre" on the landside where we are now living and want to turn our place into a mindfull, sustainable nice place for ourselfs and the future guests of our B&B (currently "under construction"). You can expect a very good level of hospitality of Claudia, who not only is a super-chef and artist in painting but also a very kind host. Working with Soeren will hopefully provide you with some new craft skills, as he is a allround craftsman and working 7 days a week to make this a nice place ,-) But we are always on the lookout to learn new things ourselfs - so speaking about and exchanging ideas is important to us.


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Working at Can Casas with Sören and Claudia was an absolute blast. They have a beautiful property and a clear vision of what needs to be done to get their Masia up and running. Sören was an excellent delegator and provided clear direction on what work needed to be done. They are very fair with your hours and respect your off time. Claudia would make lunch on work days and they provided fruits and veggies to make your own breakfasts and dinners. The masia is in a small town but there is bus access to Arenys Del Munt and Arenys Del Mar with train access to Barcelona from the latter.

15 days ago

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I had a wonderful time at Soeren and Claudia’s Masia. I enjoyed the meals we shared and I felt right at home in Sant Iscle.

The property was beautiful and I enjoyed working on it. There’s plenty to do, so it’s easy to stay busy. Soren is also flexible with work days so I had time to explore other areas in the region.

Thanks for a great time!

4 months ago

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