Hi there! I'm Kayla and I've been running a kind of cafe where Koreans and foreigners can meet up to learn about their own culture and experience while having a conversation in English. This cafe doesn't actually sell coffee or tea but we do provide them with a great chance to make local friends for those who are from all over the world. As we are a kind of language cafe, it is all spoken in English which means we need someone who can speak good English. This cafe is for Koreans who want to practice English with foreigners and build good friendship. We would like you to try to help them talk and practice English with you. Meanwhile, you can learn how Koreans think, act, and live and also can make good friends. When you have your time off, you can travel around and out of the city with people from the cafe together. We welcome whoever is open-minded to the diversity and various cultures. Respecting each other is really important since we have all different nationalities. It doesn't really matter though you're not from English-speaking countries as long as you have a good English speaking level because you will have a conversation with Koreans in English about many interesting topics and share your idea with them. It's normally 20 hrs a week sometimes less than that. There will be 1-3 Koreans with you for 4 hrs a day and on each hour you will have a 10-minute break in between. If you talk to the same person/people for 4 hrs straight, that might be very boring so we always rotate to meet new people. The cafe is located in central cheong ju which is pretty close to Seoul in Korea. It takes an hour and a half by bus. It's very close to a very well-known Department store Hyundae and shopping malls in which you can look around and chill. Of course there are a lot of good restaurants, cafes and shops which can make your staying here better. Moreover this city is crowded like Seoul which means there are many things and chances you can look around and learn the real Korean city life style. 《Accommodation》 We have a nice 2 room condominium apartment which has 1 bathroom, kitchen and the living room. I'm sure you guys would be satisfied with it. It is just 7 minutes away from the cafe on foot which means you don"t have to spend your money for travelling to go and come. It's a condominium including Everything is shared in the accommodation including 2 rooms (2-4 ppl), bathrooms, kitchen and the living room. In there, we also share the laundry machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, dining table, water purifier machine, toaster, microwave, free-wifi and all the cooking utensils. We provide you with enough food and ingredients at the accommodation. Here are what we provide: rice, bread, ramen, oils, sugar, salt and almost all of the kitchen utensils.

I'm a mother of two beautiful daughters and have a wonderful husband. My husband and I are the host of this place and there will be you guys who want to come and join us. We will always try to listen to your voice and treat you well. At the cafe, I can guarantee you that you will have a plenty of chance to meet locals who are interested in sharing the different cultures and experiences. You can also go out with them for meals, picnic, day trip, coffee, seasonal party and so on whenever you both meet the time convenient for you.


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I was so glad that I decided to join Minglish. I had a good time and really enjoyed volunteering here. Kayla and Brian were very nice. The apartment is very well equipped. It is near the office, many good restaurants, and shopping mall. It's super convenient to go around by bus and I've got plenty of time to explore the neighbourhood. If I had a chance, I'll definitely come back here again.

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