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About Multilingual We firmly believe that education, and especially in early childhood, is the key to improving our world through true agents of change, students, men with strong moral bases and knowledge necessary to find fair and practical solutions that society can enjoy. In recent years, kindergartens have gone from being training, modeling and support centers to parents in the search for the integral development of children to be simple daycare center (nursery) where the most important thing is for the children to eat and not have scratches; we have forgotten that at this age we must reinforce the values instilled in the home, values such as respect, self-denial but above all Resilience so that you learn that crying is not a form of communication, nor pressure. That is why in the Multilingual School we want to go beyond the traditional and what we are used to, our goal is to train independent children who can express their emotions, feelings, and frustrations naturally. Children who have taken advantage of the most important stage of their lives filling them with discipline, order, and perseverance, that their emotional physical development allows them to take full advantage of their intellectual abilities. That's why we need your help. Welcome to this great family of the Multilingual School

Welcome, everyone and thanks for your interest. We had the best parents that a child could have, they worried from an early age about our physical, emotional and intellectual development. They took care of every detail, feeding each phase of our development with much love, perseverance and dedication, they spared no time in the search for our benefit. Today that we are Fathers we try to replicate that great feat looking for the best opportunities for children. We are sure that our institution will mark the agenda of the educational model in our region and in our country since this education system is carried in the countries with the best quality standards in education and are the most required by the parents of these countries. Rosa and I unconditionally believe that the only way to progress is through Education especially that which is given to all in early childhood as this will definitely mark the success of each person and we firmly believe that Multilingual School will help achieve this shared objective with you to have happy and successful children.

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