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Namaste and Greetings from Nepal Volunteers Hand,
We are a small organization located at the heart of Chitwan (145 KM from capital city Kathmandu), which is small but beautiful town in the central part of Nepal. The town is surrounded by small hills,river,jungle,lake,National park etc.

We have children from 2 to 5 years old at Kindergarten. They are very happy and kind. We are living like a single big family. You have to adjust here as a part of our family.
You can help the children doing their home work, in their textual matters and other stuffs. As we believe in practical knowledge rather than theoretical studies so you can share them anything through which the creativity will be rising up into infinite level. In our kindergarten we also have a few children diagnostic with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism, so if you have specific knowledge in this subject it would be a differential for the volunteer. But if you don’t have, it’s ok because the most important thing is for you to have love for all of the children and support them in any need.

Volunteers at our Kindergarten involves :
Teaching different subjects, music,painting,dance,arts and crafts etc.
Assisting the teaching staffs in theirs daily work
Taking care of children, playing with them as well as giving them love and affections.
Feeding the children as well as cleaning them.
Assisting with different activities and games for children.
Creating self made educational games and recreational activities for children.
Painting at the walls.

As we know keeping the children engaged in different activities is important so as an international volunteer working for children, you would add value to their lives by not only providing them global education but also have gain an experience, love and warmth for a lifetime.
We know children are the bright futures of tomorrows world so we haven't left anything to make them physically, mentally, morally, socially strong to stand on their own foot for future.
We are trying our best to make them a capable to adjust in any part of this competitive world with full of eagerness. We are in the toughest way to make them a true human being full of humanity which is the most essential factor in the world but it feels really bad to agree it is disappearing, lets PRESERVE it.

Namaste , I am Rozina from nepal . I already get married and have 2 children's . I am living with my husband's family . Now I am running the kindergarten at Bharatpur 10, and responsible for taking care of volunteering project runs there . My mom,sister and dad they take care about the organization running the project about Farming and Homestay at Bharatpur 5,Chitwan, where volunteers can experience the everyday life at chitwan with host family. We know that volunteers are special guests at our home so we ensure that all our volunteers are provided the same comfort so that they can have a home away from home experience while staying with us wherever they are at project or with host family. We always trying to not let our volunteers uncomfortable for single moments. We always tries that our organization is friendly , helpful and happy to see our volunteers. We ensure that your stay,meals and other personal requirements are looked after well. Accommodation for our volunteers are provided in the host family which is just close to the projects area and equipped with all basic features which volunteers need when they are away from home. The area is so closed to the airport,bus stop,hospitals,restaurants,supermarket etc. Volunteers are provided typical Nepali morning breakfast, lunch and dinner at the accommodation and day breakfast/snacks at the projects site. As well as volunteers are free to cook their own food and free to venture to the town too. ( It is compulsory to cook volunteer theirs country food at least once a week for host family). If volunteers wish they can help host family also like every days basic works at home. All the volunteers have free weekends as well as free evenings after 4 pm so they can explore the city surrounding areas at evenings and can do jungle safari, canyoning, elephant riding etc on the weekends at Chitwan National Park which is just 15-20 km far from the project areas. With lots of love Nepal Volunteers Hand

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My experience with Nepal Volunteers Hand was incredible. Shristi, Rozina, and everyone else in the family are so nice. The food was incredible and the cultural experiences/knowledge they shared with us volunteers will remain with me forever. We weren't able to do much work due to the extreme heat and Shristi was very understanding and kind in regards to that. They truly treated me like family. The biggest thing I'd recommend to someone coming here to volunteer is to learn some Nepali. You don't have to but I believe knowing some Nepali would give you an even better experience.

4 days ago



This was the best time during my many months of travelling. The family is amazing and super welcoming and kind and their children are so sweet and playing with them was always the highlight of the day. The children in the kindergarten were adorable and always wanted to be with the volunteers, and helping and playing with them is truly something I will miss.
During holidays and days off we often visited some of their family or they came to the house, or we went out to local places and all that was super great to meet new people and learn of their family and culture.
I will miss it so much.

22 days ago

Rozina replied

Thank you so much Kameron brother for spending time with us. We wish you all the best always, wherever you are and... Hope to see you again dear brother.

United States


All things considered, I feel that I have another bitter sweet life lesson. It was nice that we get connected with fellow volunteers while we stay, however compare what all volunteers contribute; time, energy & money USD$10/day each person with what we got(food&accommodation)I do NOT think it was fair.

about 1 month ago

Rozina replied

Thank you coco sister and hun brother that you stayed with us contributed greatly things with us. No problem you like your work or not but we wish and hope volunteers are not like as a guest in our culture they are like a God even they contribute little or more. Thank you so much for your time you spend here and lots of love specially to hun brother.



A volunteer helps in kindergarten from 9:45am to 4pm: In the morning there is dancing, singing, stretching and meditation. Then the lessons begin - here you support the teachers and children in English and mathematics. At mealtime you help feed the little ones. These kids are wonderful and its a special joy when the three autistic children open up.

I always felt safe in Nepal even when I was alone. The people are very friendly and interested.

It was a great pleasure to participate in family life. We mad trips together, had birthday parties and met other volunteers. Thank you!!!

about 2 months ago

Rozina replied

Great person with great heart . We really say that she was one of the hard working volunteer too. Thank you sister we wish that you will back again.
Lots of love from our hearts.



I had an amazing time with Rozina and her family. The food was amazing and i had a great time spending the afternoons and evenings with Rozina and Suyesh and their children Nani and Babu. I got to experience so much with the family and truly felt a part of the family. The children at the kindergarten are so sweet and i had a great time teaching and dancing with them every morning. Before my stay Rozina communicative and helpful. I had an amazing experience and cannot recommend volunteering at the kindergarten enough.

3 months ago

Rozina replied

Thank you so much dear sister and spent time with us. We will never forget the contribution you did for us.
Lots of love from our side and all the best for your life.

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