Nilo Lurin

*This is not a hostel, but a personal project aimed to become an educational & cultural spot in the neighborhood. If you are not vaccinated, it's very good. You are welcome here. Masks are no needed, don't hide your smile. Please, before introducing yourself, which is very nice, ask if the days you apply are available to welcome you :) Basic benefits - Wide garden, bedroom, living room, little kitchen. Any area is shared. - Breakfast will be provided by the host the work days. However, the lunch and dinner can be cooked in the kitchen by the guest-volunteer-friend. I am flexible to talk about these clauses. Optional additional benefits: - Detailed advice on transport or interesting spots - 2 bikes available - Travel tips, guide book loans, magazines and national tourism sketches. - Spanish lessons (I am Spanish teacher, ELE) and immersion in Peruvian culture (I am studying Cultural Anthropology at UNMSM as a second degree) - Tourist guidance (depending on the previous coordination and common motivations) or travelling together. In Lurín you may visit: - Temple of Pachacámac (one of the most important oracle sanctuaries of Abya Yala. Pachacámac is the ancestral num god with demiurgic powers, whose name etymologically means "Soul of the Earth, the one that animates the world"). - San Pedro Beach, Arica beach, El Silencio beach, among others. - Islands of Cavillaca (2 km from the coast, its name is based on a beautiful myth. It has marine wildlife). - Lomas de Lúcumo (Flora and wildlife of a desert ecosystem moistened by sea breezes, with greater splendor between May and November). - Diverse restaurants (fresh seafood and fruits from local fields). - Ichimay wari (neighborhood of southern craftsmen). - Nursery gardens. - Inochy Lútico Center (Collection of stones from different regions) - Cerro Centinela (It has an Inca cemetery on the top, demanding hard trekking). - Near Chilca (UFO sighting and contact area, archaeological ruins, beaches, energy pools with medicinal muds, local gastronomy). - Near the cemetery of Nueva Esperanza (the second largest necropolis in the world).

I have travelled in some Latin-American countries and in 23 of the 24 departments of Peru (as cyclist and backpacker) and had the opportunity to get cultural immersion. I am very engaged with Peruvian and Latin-American cultures, specially the native ones. Some says that I am good at cooking. I can teach you how to prepare Peruvian dishes. We also may try to compose music. I am a beginner of charango, the Andean lute. On the other hand, I studied Philosophy in the best university of Peru (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos) and did a master in Epistemology. Currently I am studying Anthropology. Therefore, I think I could help you to get to know several cultures which are part of Abya Yala (indigenous America) and understand sociologically contemporary Peru. People in my neighborhood are curious and friendly with foreigners as well.


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Excelente voluntariado en Lurin.
Nilo sabe mucho sobre cultura en general. Y puede dar muchos consejos a la hora de seguir viajando por Perú. Lo recomiendo totalmente.
Gracias Nilo!

6 months ago



I had a great experience!
After I settled in, I spent one week with Nilo. He is a super warm, and welcoming person, who likes to cook and communicate.
My working times were quite flexible, which was very nice. The tasks were challenging, but very doable and fun.
Nilo has a lot to teach you and also has an open hear to learn about different cultures and countries.
I would definitely recommend this experience! I had an unforgettable week, and made a good friend. :)

7 months ago

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