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We are an Art Hostel , which means that everything here becomes art ! A tire becomes a vase, a wooden pallets morphs into a chair, even unused cardboard makes a great picture frames ! Collaborate with us as a Worldpacker is breath Art and join the best events here at the hostel (Saraus, Jazz with Poetry, Live music and Improvisations, Stand Up Comedy, Bazars, Gastronomy meet ups) You can also relax and chill in our open area with a beautiful garden, lounge or a place to prepare your barbecue! Yes, we have a street market in front of the hostel wednesdays !!! So if you are into arts, music and culture, I am sure you are going to have an awesome time with us! About São Paulo: Sao Paulo is a place where you can do anything and everything. Explore, draw, create, paint, sculpt, it’s an artist’s paradise because no day is the same and it is such a vibrant city. Our neighborhoods, Vila Mariana, have 3 metro stations and a pluraty of attractions that appeal to different types of tourists. Museums, cinemas, libraries and theaters, parks and outdoor recreation places, bars, restaurants and concert venues.

The owners are young, one is advertising person "paulistano", the other is majored in Gastronomic course , both lived in Ireland/ dublin for a couple of years, after that they dream came true. Inform and talk about our city for the guests, prepare tropical drinks and share moments of conviviality during our events, taking care of a garden with species of our Atlantic Forest, take care of such a different house can change your life and the people that come here !!! Come to this experience!


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Una de las mejores experiencias que la gente puede vivir! Nomade es un hostel con una ubicación ideal, es seguro y con un ambiente increíble. El personal se volvió como mi familia, aprendí mucho, conoci mucha gente y sin duda hay una cantidad de historias para contar y recordar. Andrea y Marcelo no solo se portaron excelente, sino que ahora son grandes amigos. Recomiendo ampliamente vivir esta experiencia :)

over 1 year ago


Minha experiência foi absolutamente incrível! Conheci o hostel enquanto hóspede, gostei tanto da equipe e do lugar q acabei fazendo parte dessa família. Conheci pessoas, fiz coisas, produzi algo realmente significativo para mim e para as outras pessoas que tive o prazer de conhecer. Marcelo e Andrea são pessoas incríveis, o carinho e cuidado com que eles cuidam do hostel e das pessoas que estão nele é sem igual e muito inspirador, nos faz querer dar 100% de nós mesmos todos os dias também. Sempre lembrarei do Nômade como um lar.

over 1 year ago


Me sentí de maravilla desde el primer día. Ambiente amigable y relajado. El hostel funciona muy bien, el trabajo es tranquilo. Muy interesante la experiencia de conocer personas de todas partes del mundo.
Marcelo y Andrea grandes jefes y amigos. El resto de compañeros de worldpackers uno amores. Totalmente recomendable. Yo repetiré ;-)

almost 2 years ago


I have found a place in São Paulo to call it home!

Well let's start!

I had no where to go, I was hopeless and then I've met Marcelo and Andrea, the owners of the Hostel. They offered me to stay with them, they didn't even know me and they gave me a shelter, hope and for the last six months I've earned a Family far from my home.
For the new ones, the owners they provide a training course and a very flexible work schedule which helped me to find a job and make a living here in SP.
I am eternally thankfull for everything!
I love you guys!!!

about 2 years ago


Não tem como descrever os meus cinco meses passados no Nômade, foram simplesmente fantasticos! A casa é linda, limpia, com boas areas de convivio e um jardim que é um luxo. A localização é inmelhorável para quem quer se movimentar e curtir SP. E o que falar do staff? Foi o melhor da experiência, conhecer colegas increivéis e poder contar com a amizade dos donos, Marcelo e Andrea. O espiritu do Nõmade é um espiritu de convivio, diversão e o mais importante, melhora continua, uma aprendizagem que levo pra a vida! :)

over 2 years ago

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