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You'll meet people from all over the world, you'll be able to stay in New York for free (in exchange for your time) and you'll get great experience volunteering in the growing sector of coliving

Volunteers will be supervised by George Tsikhiseli and myself. We like to have fun, and as long as you complete the tasks we ask of you, we'll have a really good time together in NYC.

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Outpost is a wonderful community. I learned a lot about NYC and teamwork. They really care about the volunteers and will treat you like family since day one. Thank you all for this incredible experience!




I had THE BEST time with these amazing human beings! They are caring, dedicated, very helpful and lovely people. I've never expected to find so many wonderful people in NYC and make friends for life in there. The work was awsome: we take care of a few properties and have autonomy to handle things in the best way you can, but George is ALWAYS there if you need advice or hep. I'm even planing to go back there soon, it's a 100% recomended experience! <3 Just go for it, it's both a personal and professional growth! <3




Honestly... It has been my best experience in Worldpackers. I had a great time!

Outpost Staff and the other volunteers were like family to me.
You actually have the chance to feel like a local, you will have enough free time to enjoy the city and explore around, you actually enjoy the "work" tasks and you have the chance to meet lots of amazing people in the houses and on the weekly events.

Over all, I had an amazing experience and I hope that I have the chance to come back again! My heart literally broke the day I left and I'll always be grateful to Outpost.




I feel very grateful to have been able to volunteer at this amazing place. I have improved my English a lot and it's been my best experience traveling so far.
This place is an awesome creation and I am very happy I could help in this beautiful community.
The team work was great!
About the tasks, I had to do move in/out and be the point of contact for one of their houses and make sure everything around was good.
Thank you Jacob for believe in me and let me serv in your amazing company. Thanks George, thanks everyone I meet here. May life give me the chance to be part of you again.




Volunteering at the Outpost Club was certainly one of the best opportunities I've ever had. Meeting so many people from around the world, understand community life and enjoy the best of New York.

The work itself requires time flexibility, commitment to scheduled tasks, and organization. All activities are in the WP description and there is nothing required beyond what is there. All employees and other volunteers will be willing to teach and make your time as good as possible.
I would definitely recommend this place.

Thank you Outpost for this amazing experience! You are the best!


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