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This was my first work and travel experience, and it couldn't have been any better! Pål, Britt and Ole Marius (and their super cute dogs!) made me feel welcome from day one. Super supportive, accomodating and always fun to chat with - even about my vegetarian quirks! :)

My primary responsibilities included feeding sheep and lambs, and occasional other tasks, such as, inter alia, putting up fences, shearing, and moving sheep. And the surrounding breathtakingly beautiful nature is definitely a plus!

I really loved every single moment of my little adventure here in Norway - tusen takk!

4 months ago



I stayed at this farm for three weeks in August and beginning of September where we started taking some sheep home from the mountains again and overall it was such an amazing experience, I learned so many things about their farm and culture. The surrounding area is also very pretty and perfect for some hikes. They are very nice people and were always helpful. Depending on the season, there will be different things to do at the farm. I'd definitely recommend it!

8 months ago



I had a really nice time staying at Pål’s gård. Pål and Britt were really welcoming since the first day, and made me feel at home.
The tasks to do on the farm are mostly easy and enjoyable ! I stayed during the lambing period and had a really great experience, I got to learn many things.
As someone that loves being around animals and outdoors, I couldn’t have imagined a better place to stay.
Thank you again :)

12 months ago

pål replied

Vi var veldig heldige å få Morgane her i lammingssesongen.Ho sto på gjorde arbeidsoppgavene sine på en utmerket måte.Bere så synd ho ikke kunne bli lengere.Ho blei en del av familien med en gang ho kom hit.Tusen takk for at du va hos hos😀