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Montenegro is a beautiful country with stunning mountainous vistas and an incredible coastline. Playworking is a coliving retreat with an added layer of adventure sports activities. The facilities consist of coworking space, comfortable rooms and common living spaces including terraces and balconies.

I guess our ethos is what you would expect of people who enjoy the outdoors and the company of travelers. We're respectful, interested and creative.

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Upon arrival, I discovered 2 unexpected dogs, however it was never mentioned in the description or in messages before I arrived. Tasks were self-directed, with minimal input from Jeffrey. After tasks were completed we received no acknowledgments of it being done. Despite claiming to love animals, he couldn't support Benny, one of the dogs that were with us, rescue dog, raising questions after throwing him back into the streets. Furthermore, Jeffrey's flirtations with a female volunteer made the atmosphere uncomfortable when he was around.

9 days ago

Jeffrey replied

Augustin, as I replied to Lumi, volunteers have to self-direct and most of them manage with excellent results. Re the dogs, the circumstances are not quite what you've made them out to be: I brought the dogs to Playworking as a last resort after you arrived, or I would have had to bring them to the pound, and certain destruction. I had started to feed "Benny" very recently and had no desire to adopt him; feeding him was not tantamount to doing that. His complete inability to control himself and not foul the area around the house meant we could not keep him as guests were forced to endure that. As you saw in your short time in Montenegro, tragically, there are hundreds of homeless dogs in and I have taken on responsibility for 4 which is the limit. Regarding the charge of unbecoming behavior towards volunteer, something is very wrong and needs further illumination.



I worked in Playworking in off season.
There were not many people living in the house and not much work to do (which I knew beforehand) so we were told to do whatever we thought needed to be done, still the host didn’t seem satisfied.
Jeffrey was sometimes disrespectful and he came on to another girl volunteer and made her feel continuously uncomfortable.
I never got to do any water activity, even tho I was told it would be possible before I arrived.
People were really nice and the area is pretty tho a bit secluded. In the summer I’m sure it would be a different experience apart from^

21 days ago

Jeffrey replied

I am sorry that you you were not satisfied. I was aware of it but I mentioned to both you and Augustin that you'll have to create work and that the position is self-directed; for some people it's not a problem. I certainly didn't mean any disrespect towards you or Augustin, though I felt you felt there was, and I couldn't dispel that notion although I tried. And, I know that you wanted to paddleboard and we attempted to, but the water temperature really made that a dangerous thing and as I said, I would not take anyone on the water over the weeks you were around. Lastly and most importantly, I was stunned by the mention of a girl volunteer, and I will get to the bottom of that, and make sure the person in question relates her first hand experience in her review.



Staying at Playworking was an interesting experience, the coliving is a wonderful place to work from and enjoy nature. Jeffery is really receptive and helpful with everything, creating the best environment for volunteers.

about 1 month ago



Evertything was amazing!
Jeffrey is a man of few world, but he is really Nice.
All thé spaces in playworking are amazing and very very confortable.

about 2 months ago

Jeffrey replied

Thanks Carolina. Really enjoyed working with you and sorry if I didn't leave a review on time. Keep in touch!!



Good experience with Jeffrey and the rest of the hosts.

2 months ago

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