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I went to Porto at the last minute and it was one of the best choices I made. The volunteer work here was very good and easy to do. João is very generous and he's always willing to help with whatever is needed. Highly recommend.

3 months ago


Going to Portugal and working at Porto Twin Rooms is one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life. João is a very friendly and considerate person and he makes you feel at home. The tasks are not so difficult and you also get a chance to interact with tourists coming from all over the world. Porto is a beautiful city to live in, with fantastic views, welcoming and relaxed people and well connected public transport. Given an opportunity, I would definitely go back and work again at Porto Twin Rooms.

3 months ago


Foi maravilhosa a experiência no Porto Twin Rooms. O João é um cara super do bem que sempre está disposto a ajudar os voluntarios e unir a equipe. Eu e minha irmã voluntariamos juntas e ele fez o possível para termos os turnos juntas e fazer todos ficarem satisfeitos com o trabalho a ser realizado. Obrigada João!! Eu e minha irmã somos gratas pelo otimo tempo no Porto Twin Rooms e desejamos tudo de bom e toda a sorte para você!
Indicamos o Porto Twin Rooms a futuros voluntarios!! :)

3 months ago


Experiencia fantástica, o João ser humano maravilhoso e muito amigo de todos, todos os voluntários foram muito amigos uns dos outros e o trabalho muito tranquilo ano que vem se tudo der certo retornarei para auxiliar novamente e ver essa cidade maravilhosa novamente!!!

3 months ago


Excelent rest, charming friendly guy, reasonable and not difficult tasks, beautiful place in the center, amazing and atmospher Porto, magic ocean. If they will have free place at next summer - be agree without doubt. I recommend, and miss it.

over 1 year ago