Projekt-Kodu Retreat & Eco-Hostel in Lahemaa National Park

Projekt-Kodu began as a vision of self-reliance – a home disconnected from the hustle of everyday life in which we are too often entangled. As this vision developed into a passion project, we discovered traditional ways of living off the land. We now run a rustic spa and canvas accommodation during the late spring and summer months, serving food, having free bike rental and complimentary yoga classes each day. We believe in sustainable building and our buildings reflect our ethos, designed and built from natural and reclaimed materials that compliment the surrounding aesthetics of our forested environment in Lahemaa National Park. Volunteering at Projekt-Kodu Retreat and Eco-Hostel gives you the opportunity to live in an amazing place, be an integral part of an intentional community and to learn through skill exchanges. Travel without moving: with a constant flow of global travelers, from backpackers to families, you have the opportunity to learn about the world through meeting other travelers while sharing food, sauna and space. Within our experimental pop-up community we aim to create a space that fosters creativity, self-growth and inclusivity. Come to the forest and give yourself the space to reflect and grow while being apart of something bigger – enjoy our daily yoga classes, explore the wildness of the forest and feel at home. We are inclusive of people from all walks of life – just come with an open-mind, willing to listen, learn and share knowledge.

We are looking for passionate individuals who want to immerse themselves in nature and add to our community and culture at Projekt-Kodu. As a small team, communication is key. We want to hear your ideas and see the inner workings of your creative minds, just as we want to be heard and respected by you. Maybe you love to garden or cook meals. Maybe you’re interested in working with your hands or in creating a welcoming space for others to enjoy. Maybe you pay attention to detail or to the larger scope of a project. Whether you have experience in bike maintenance or in yoga, we are interested in hearing from you. In the past, we’ve found long-term volunteers are able to get more out of their experience, so we are looking for at least a 3-week commitment (but the longer the better!) but, if you are only available for a few weeks or less, please still send us a message as we’re open to short-termers for the right position. We are looking for helpers from May until October 2019! Contact us for more info about joining our team and reach out with any questions you may have. With Warmth, Jim & Morgan


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This was my first trip as a volunteer. It couldn't be better!!
The place is lovely, magical, peaceful... Marvellous!
And Jim and Maari a really lovely persons, they are free souls that made my stay enjoyable.
I could work and have my free time as I liked the most, and I've enjoyed both. There are a lot of different things that you can do, you can find your kind.
I shared this experience with others volunteers and I was glad to know them, nice people! As the guests.
A really good experience, I recomend it to everybody!
Thanks Maari and Jim for everything :)
Wish to come back someday!

over 1 year ago


I had a very special time at Projekt Kodu. The opportunity to work surrounded by the nature and visit the beautiful sites in the area on our free time made this experience very happy to me.
I hope to have contributed a bit to this work and to meet Maari and the project again in the future! Cheers and hugs to everybody at Projekt Kodu.

over 1 year ago

United States

I had a great time overall at Projekt Kodu! The tasks varied each day and ranged from helping out with the hostel to cooking meals to gardening. There was plenty of time outside of working to enjoy the two lakes and sea nearby as well as some hiking trails and a town, among other things. It truly feels off the grid, as you're surrounded by peace and quiet and beautiful nature. Maari was a great host. She was friendly and generous and really lives an inspiring lifestyle. If given the chance, you should check it out for yourself!

over 1 year ago

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