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Experience life on a beautiful and unspoilt Scottish island. The isle of Raasay is quiet, tranquil and surrounded by stunning scenery. You can enjoy wildlife, outdoor activities and being part of a friendly local community. We are currently looking for volunteers! We are located on a beautiful small island right next to the Isle of Skye! (25 min. ferry) What do we ask you? All we ask is 5 hours work a day (6 days a week). You will be helping as a housekeeper, KP or in the bar. (Experience preferred but not necessary) What do you get in return? 1st of September - 20th of April - Accommodation in one of our wooden pods (shared). Note : If you like The Hobbit you will LOVE our pods. Or shard bunk Room with in Raasay House 20th of April -1st of September Individual tents with carry mat, pillow & sleeping bags - Food (breakfast, lunch and cooked dinner) - You can join in on our activities! (If already running) If you would like to join our team for a while just send us an e-mail with some information about yourself and what experience you have :). See you soon!

We are a family run business with a core year-round staff of around 10. In the summer the team swells to around 35-40 staff. There is a great spirit of camaraderie and our staff generally do things like go walking, kayaking or cycling together in their time off. Joining in on activity sessions for free is one of the perks of working here.

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At the beginning of the volunteer I thought "OMG, I won't like this experience", because this was my first worldpackers, I believe. After a couple of days I started to see how amazing is the Isle of Raasay and the staff people that I was working. It was a lovely experience in my life and I will never forget all these lovely moments! :) Thank you so much!

about 2 months ago


Raasay House experience is A+! Good staff and volunteer communication make it very easy to get along! Since the moment I got there everyone treated me very kindly! They have a vegetarian option! Visit the Isle of Raasay in your free time or hang around the place. If you plan to visit Isle of Skye you need to schedule for the ferry, so unless you get a car its going to make it hard to make it on time. Worked 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to be in a lovely place. Its really a unique island experience! Thank you everyone!

about 2 months ago


Mi experiencia en éste lugar ha sido sumamente enriquecedora. El anfitrión estuvo al cuidado de todo a cada instante. Las horas están bien organizadas y cumplen con lo especificado en el perfil. El lugar, es impresionante, a veces hay que cambiar de habitación pero fuera de eso es un hospedaje bastante cómodo. La mayoría del tiempo las actividades dependen del clima, pero cuándo hay oportunidad puedes hacer la mayoría de las actividades.
My experience in this places has been very enriching The host was caring about me every time. The schedule is well organized. The place is stunning. Perfect

2 months ago


Raasay House is beautiful and worth a visit for a week or two if you enjoy nature and being on a remote Island. The job is cleaning of either rooms or dishes and not difficult but not rewarding or worthwhile for more than two weeks. The staff are very nice and the activities were fun (when they were happening).

3 months ago

Czech Republic

My stay here was awesome. There was a lot of friendly people from the staff that will teach you everything. The housekeeping and cleaning werent hard and if you do it with a nice group of people you can actualy enjoy it. :) Sleeping in tent is after first two or three days more that okay. You wll get used to it. On top of this all there is a plenty more things that you can do in your free time (fishing, hiking, costering, footbal, cycling......) This was a really nice experience for me :)

3 months ago

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