Reserva Natural La Isla Escondida

The lodge is in the middle of prime forest. You will see lots of animals, learn a lot about life in the Amazonian jungle. Soon you will recognize the sounds.
You will also learn how it is to live in the forest and how it is to run an ecolodge in the jungle.
The lodge is well-known among herpetologists, birdwatchers and photographers.

We are a small lodge. We have a very nice caretaker. He runs the lodge when I'm not there. There is also a gardner and a cook. The food we prepare for tourists, staff and volunteers is delicious. It is mainly Asian food (with Colombian ingredients).


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J’ai beaucoup aimé le mois passé dans la réserve Isla Escondida!
L’endroit permet vraiment de se connecter a la nature tout en restant confortable.
L’équipe est très sympa et bienveillante.
Concernant le travail, il y a pleins de tâches différentes à effectuer dans la réserve (création de sentiers, réparation, jardinage,…). Toutes les tâches sont physiques mais vous pourrez trouver un réconfort avec les bons plats de la cuisinière.

2 months ago



I spent 4 weeks on Isla Escondida and I absolutely loved the experience.

From a subjective point of view, it completely matched my expectations, which were: Being fully immersed in nature, learning to work with my hands, working within a caring team, Eating well, Sleeping in a comfortable place.

From an objective standpoint, and to prevent any mistake in choosing this volunteer opportunity, it is neither a social nor a restful one. The work that needs to be done is not simple; it is physical.

If you enjoy LIVING in the fores with tranquility: I totally recommend you this Jungle Adventure!

3 months ago

United Kingdom


I loved working with Patti and Celina's cooking is unbeatable. Estafan is nice and friendly. I didn't feel welcomed by Jurgen and unfortunately that impacted my experience a lot. He was cold to me and would often call my questions stupid. He was very warm to another volunteer though, and would only speak to me to ask where she was. Free days were non existent so be prepared to work when Jurgen feels like it.

3 months ago

Jurgen replied

Sorry Jessie, but I 'm always cold to volunteers who do not like to help. I heard that even the days before I arrived you were not helping at all. Luckily you helped me well the last week otherwise you would have received an insufficient.

United Kingdom


Volunteering at La Isla Escondida was an amazing experience. The work was interesting and fun (minus the washing up). Jurgen is an extremely generous and kind host, and the team he has Estheban, Celina and Patricia are all amazing people. The reserve itself is in a beautiful area with many birds, monkey, snakes etc. Jurgen is an excellent cook and there was always enough food. I am very grateful to have found this place, and hopefully I can return one day. I left my pair of boots (size 41) with Estheban. So if these fit you message him before you arrive so you don’t have to buy some!

5 months ago

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