Rural Organisation for Social Elevation (R.O.S.E.)

It works on the grassroots level, appealing to the community to become active participants in developing a better life for themselves. It is the primary goal of R.O.S.E. to elevate the health, education and quality of life of the rural poor in this region while maintaining the cultural integrity and ecological balance. This goal is realised, in part, through a program which brings tourist volunteers to Kanda to live with the Verma family, experience local Kumaoni culture and assist financially (through modest application and living fees) and manually, in the rural development projects. Through this program, I have created an exceptional example of responsible rural tourism that greatly benefits the community and the visitors through genuine, respectful cultural interactions. I have a deep understanding of the social, cultural and environmental issues faced by the local population. Most importantly, I recognise that these three aspects are interdependent and integral pieces of a fully sustainable system of living. Each aspect is inseparable from the health, culture, livelihood and spiritual well-being of the community and all projects are approached with this in mind. We charging small fee Rs,9900/- per volunteer for 2 weeks volunteering opportunity ,Development Education, learning Hindi language, cultural Exchange and other possible. As stated above, we want to encourage tourism but in a responsible way that is beneficial to both the tourist and most importantly the community. By hosting the tourist / volunteers we have directly introduced them into the Indian culture and involve them in every aspect of Indian life. One of the most beneficial things for us is knowledge! The exchange of knowledge between the volunteers and people in the local community has been an important factor in helping develop our community through education.

My name is Jeevan Lal Verma, I was born in the village of Sunargaon, which is in the Kanda, Bageshwar District of the Kumoan region in Uttarakhand, North India. I felt called to social work because I had a helping nature, I had always suffered from a lack of money, but my soul told me to serve the local community. I made it my hobby to connect to the whole of the world, so I participated in many training projects, workshops, visits and conferences by the youth leadership and as a social activist. It was June 1988 when I participated in a workshop where I met some foreign visitors looking for a host family. August the same year I hosted eight international volunteers from different nations. They participated in 15 days home stay, cultural exchange and social & rural development work camps. That was my first experience and it was very successful. My family and the whole community gave the visitors a warm welcome. The community and youth of Kanda participated and my family was very cooperative with hosting the international volunteers, who adjusted very well to our family life. I felt good because the visiting group were very flexible, civilized and had a good sense of humor. It was a valuable exchange because I learnt some skills and increased my knowledge from them. I still participate in international seminars, workshops, training programs, fairs and festivals in India and exhibit photographs of the volunteers and village tourism so people are aware of the opportunities we provide. My family members will also be your hosts. Myself and my wife Hema have six children together. The eldest girl Praveen is married and lives about 45 minutes away – a breathtaking walk through the paddy fields and hills. Jeetendra is my eldest son, Diptee is my second daughter (also married), Renu and Gunga are my other daughters in order of age and Sadju is my youngest son. Jeetendra’s wife also lives with us, as does my grandson Gautam (Praveen’s son).

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