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What are we offering you is an opportunity to learn about the daily routines of a hostel in a cool environment, a bed (bunk bed), free laundry and wi-fi. What we need from you is some hours of help per day. This includes bed making, laundry, breakfast, bartending, and keep the hostel organized and clean.

We are a very cool Hostel and our staff is very friendly. Located in the heart of Lisbon, just 400 meters from Anjos metro station, close to the busy Avenida Almirante Reis. The stop of the mythical electric nr 28 is just in front of our place. ;)

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Overall the experience was good, the hours were respected, and the volunteer house was OK although it is quite small for 10 people, and there's no locks on the bathroom.
As the other volunteers said some tasks like housekeeping and bar can be kinda rough.
It's a big place and not the most welcoming one, and it doesn't really got that "hostel vibes" we expect. If you forget even the smallest of tasks you may be called out in front of everyone in the whatsapp group, wich can be a little demeaning.
As the others said the best part is really meeting the other volunteers!

7 days ago



It was my first volunteer experience and all the things I was expecting was there and in even better.
All the things you can worry about before arriving , forget them ! Because every single thing is great.
The Sant Jordi team is very communicative, caring and has a great energy. I was feeling very good and confortable directly when I arrive.
The volonteer team was incredible, I loved everything single personne I met. Mes amour.
The hostel is very clean. All the shifts are okay , the hours where respected. It’s all about the kind of energy you put in! There no hard shift.
Thanks Sant Jordi

9 days ago



I spent 6 weeks at sant jordi and I had the most amazing time, lisbon is beautiful and the hostel as well!
the volunteers’ room could be way better, plus you have to be willing to share spaces with a lot of people, if not this experience may not be for u!
the shifts are fine but housekeeping is hard, especially when u have it the whole week.
I learned a lot, even about myself, I met a lot of people during my stay and I made friendships for life <3 a special thanks goes to my desperate housewives D&J and to mes amours that made my birthday and my stay unforgettable 🤍 see you soon guys!

14 days ago

United States


My experience was good, the best part is getting to create close friendships with the other volunteers! There were a few issues with the volunteer room my first 2 weeks but it was super easy to communicate with the managers and get it resolved. One con is housekeeping, it’s a lot of work and during the middle of the day (11am-4pm), I think sometimes the housekeeping staff forgot that we are volunteers. One tip is use your free time wisely it goes by so quick, make the most of the beaches and activities nearby! Overall it was great and unique experience!

20 days ago



WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I was expelled from the hostel with the justification that my work was not "enough", since I only did one of the activities (housekeeping) proposed by the hostel, all the other volunteers did the other activities, besides that I was expelled for a personal matter and that all the volunteers knew and even found the hostel's attitude shameful, another justification was that I could not volunteer and work, and other volunteers also did, which proves the personal attack. Run away from this hostel. I DON'T RECOMMEND IT TI ANYONE!!

20 days ago

Francisco replied

Jose, your actitude was not the best one when you where pretending to choose the shift and activities because you have a job since the beggening, we are no looking that kind of volunteers. WE want volunteers to live the experience of being part of our family.
I am sorry if for you didnt finish well your experience but to preserve the rest of the team sometimes we have to make decitions for the best of everyone.
We already had more than 300 volunteers, and 86 incredibles reviews, hope you can understand that maybe the problems it was not our.

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