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Winter is coming! Hi there, We are a small hostel in Las Vegas! We are looking for friendly and fun volunteers for housekeeping and social activities. If you're an international traveler looking to stay in Las Vegas for 1-3 months and have a plan to continue your onward overseas travel, we would be very happy to meet you. We love having volunteers from all over the world who enjoy sharing their culture and learning ours! We offer part time volunteer positions in exchange for your accommodation. Longer stays may be trained on reception. Hope to hear from you soon! Very important information: MUST BE 21 years old for all this stuff =P If so, look no further! This place is perfect for you! We are an authentic backpackers hostel run by locals, known by locals, located in the heart of the city. Between the famous Old Strip "Downtown" and the new side of the strip. That’s right; our hostel is within walking distance from the downtown dive bar scene, the arts district, and within a short bus ride to the world’s most famous casinos, the same ones you see in popular culture movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Ocean’s 11!!! You'd be an active member of the hostel living community. Sharing your knowledge, experiences and passions with the rest of the hostel as well as helping with laundry and cleaning just like when you are staying in a friends house. You will also have to be an active part of our social activities. Such as our BBQs, pubcrawls and Limo/Club/Pool crawls! All of these you will be able to enjoy for FREE!!! Currently we are looking for HIGHLY sociable, HIGHLY energetic and HIGHLY reliable people to be part of our hostel community. So, now that we got you reading this far... here we have some examples of what we are NOT looking for: If you're a lazy and dirty kind of person. Have drinking problems (like seriously, drinking is allowed but drunkness is not!) please don't bother to apply. No couples (sorry) People looking to stay for 2 or 3 weeks (minimum stay is one month) Did you pass the test? If yes, all members of our community will enjoy the perks of hostel living such as: FREE wifi! FREE parking! FREE breakfast! FREE entry in to night clubs, pub crawls and pool parties in Vegas!!! And much more! Send us a message with: The dates you have in mind (arrival and departing) Why you are awesome Any experience you have had in Hostels (as a guest and helper) And we'll get back to you asap! =D

We are awesome, down to earth locals. Travelers love us! We are very friendly. Our goal is for travelers (helpers) to have a good time while they are in Las Vegas. We don't want them to feel like they are working working working. We want you to have time for yourself and we want you to have a good time with our guests. Have fun with them, go out with them, become friends with them. That's the main reason we are here. We can't go out all the time, we have our own lives and responsibilities. We are past the crazy Vegas life. This is why people like you can still experience this great city and love our Hostel.


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The first night I got in Sin City hostel, a member of the staff told me that that hostel was the best choice I could've done. I didn't get that at the moment but as the days were going by I realized more and more how unique is Sin City hostel. Every night and day a different adventure with nice guests. Jason is such an honest, comprehensive and kind manager.
I'm so glad for the whole experience, for the crew I made part of and for the people I met. So, if you're looking for a place to volunteer in Vegas, let me tell you, Sin City is definitely the best choice you can make! That's home!

about 2 months ago


beyond expectations!! Perfect place to make new friends and expand your network around the world.. I learned things that I’m using now, the experience helped me to become a little bit better human being.. thank you!

5 months ago

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