Sir Mangle Beach Hostel

This is a new BEACH HOSTEL SPOT in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, It'll be the first hostel into the area,, the main structure will be a beautiful circular three-storey castle built in the 70s, located on a plot of 2700 square meters beachfront San bernardo del viento, in the department of Cordoba (Colombia). we are located 7km at PLAYAS DEL VIENTO from San bernardo del Viento next to Hotel Los Tambos del Caribe. With respect to me, I can say that I am an environmental and sanitary engineer, specialist in the management of water and energy resources. This project is the beginning of a great dream that I have had for many years and is the opportunity to build in my country a true integral project that helps the community to relate to the innumerable natural resources that have in the area and the environment . I don´t have money but a have lot of ideas hehehe It is a special place for nature lovers, in the surroundings we can find many surprises less than 15 minutes away: Many beaches without tourists, buildings and cars, We have a 50 hectare siege with a small island in the center, In our garden Rear we have a natural lagoon that fills up great part of the year and it is possible to see many birds of the region, If you walk 15 minutes towards the east you will find a volcano of mud, there you will have all the benefits of a natural spa, Is surrounded by several rivers of great importance, have been inhabited by natives Zenú (SInu) since thousands of years, you can still find some of them walking or fishing in the sea. And if you like music in this region have been born more than 25 autochthonous rhythms of great importance to Latin America, such as cumbia, porro, fandango, bullerengue etc.

We are so friendly Colombian people, we are really open to learn the other cultures and we want to get a great experience in a great atmosphere in front to the sea, learn other lenguages and new skills everyday. :)


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En el lugar asignado para dormir faltaban cosas básicas (agua y luz). Hubiera sido bueno que lo comunicaran antes.
Tampoco me dieron muchas actividades para hacer.
Básicamente no se cumplieron con las condiciones pactadas.
Me fui antes del tiempo pactado, ya que allí estaba gastando dinero para todas las comidas (no podía cocinar o refrigerar comida)
Estoy segura que con buen trabajo el Hostel puede estar a la altura del paraíso en el que está ubicado.
Lo mejor fueron algunos amigos y amigas que conocí en el camino :)

over 2 years ago

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