STF Hagaby/Lantgården

Its a countryside hostel near the sea, situated on the island Öland in the Baltic sea. Nature is fantastic, nice sand-beaches, sunny weather. With lots of activities like yoga retreats, painting courses.


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First, I wanna say that Stefan and Susanne are fantastic and open-minded with lots of experience to share. I have learned a lot and improved my english with them and the volunteers that stayed at the same time as me.
Moreover, I have discover the sunniest island of Sweden and shared lots of moments with the other volunteers that are wonderful!!
Thank you so much for everything and hope to see you soon!

5 months ago


My experience was incredible, Stefan and Susan are great people and make you feel at home, the work is not difficult and the accommodations are comfortable and öland is beautiful with beautiful beaches and awesome sunsets! I hope to return to this place again

5 months ago


Stefan and the awesome atmosphere around his hostel made my experience unforgettable. It was my first WorldPackers experience and I am already missing it. Be ready to host me again, Stefan, cuz I am sure that I will be back

5 months ago


Stay with Stefan, Suzanne and Frye, was so beautiful. There I meet some friends as Areli and Charly, anothers volunteers that was there before me..
I meet Sofies (from Alvaret and Sofy from Kalk), whose beauty actitud for it was so jealous. Definitely Lantgården, is to back...

Stefan, I'm so proud to meet you =)

6 months ago


Great experience! If you are looking for a very relax and quiet place you have to go to Lottorp. Stefan and Susan are great persons, they make you feel like in home, im really greatful with both, and with Vladas too, amazing people. The tasks are not so difficult and in the afternoon you can take a bike and go to the beach. Thanks for this experience.
Go to Sweden guys!

8 months ago

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