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Hello everybody!! Thank you so much for your precious help on the past seasons. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU FOR THE GREAT 2022!! For now our volunteer team is already complete until the end of September (THANK YOU!), so WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU FOR THE ALL MONTH of OCTOBER! Minimum stay 4 weeks . The hostel is a family business, a factory of friendship, as we usually call it. In here we have a very relaxed atmosphere, located in a fantastic spot with excellent beaches. It's a small hostel with 12 rooms and a maximum capacity for 30 people. Now a little bit different with the new "covid rules". We prefer helpers/volunteers that can stay for one month. We are searching for happy and friendly people with willingness to work and to enjoy the place and the moment. We offer the stay, in a shared room for Helpers and breakfast in exchange for 4 h of DAILY work (usually in the morning, except when waiting for new guests, something that we manage here all together). The work is: - a little help preparing the breakfast to the guests - going to the bread and preparing the tables; - do daily general cleanup work at the all hostel; - preparing rooms for new guests, cleanning the space and changing beds; - waitting and welcoming for the new guests - just when needed; Nice people are always welcome. Contact us :) See you soon.

We are Luis and Nádia. Luis - I love to surf and to live this dream - The Hostel - a family business, a special place in a special spot in front of the Ocean. Nádia - I love Nature and to provide confort and space for joy and life. In work we are as exigent as nice. So, nice people with willingness to work and to enjoy the place and the moment, are very welcome.


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I was here for 2 months and loved every moment! Nádia and Luis are so friendly and helpful and I have some amazing memories here!
We worked on average 3/4 hours a day, there is no days off a week but once you are done cleaning at around lunch time the rest of the day is free for whatever you want to do so it didn’t feel too much.
The area is very beautiful and not too busy with tourists, I recommend watching the sunset on the sand dune right outside the hostel :)

- Surf lesson discount
- Free use of bikes and a surfboard for helpers to use
- Cosy hammock :)

3 days ago



I absolutely loved the experience in Supertubos !! The hosts, Nádia and Luis are so friendly and lovely and the hours of working are completely fine. I made some new friends and had really nice conversations with guests from all over the world. It’s a really nice atmosphere in this hostel and I would come back every time :) Thank you for this nice experience! 🥰

29 days ago



My first time volunteering and it was really great! The work is simple and easy to do- only 2/3 hours and then you are free during the rest of the day to enjoy the many beaches, surfing, hikes, culture and nightlife.
The hostel is not that close to Peniche and Baleal if you don't have a car, but Luis and Nadia provide bikes and the ride there is quite manageable.
Consolação is a very chill place away from the tourists of Peniche and Baleal, but you will still be able to meet loads of people in the hostel.
Both Luis and Nadia are very relaxed people, always helping and laughing with everyone!

about 1 month ago



This was my first volunteering position and I really loved it. The work is really fair and usually there is lots of free time. Luis and Nádia are really kind and alway there for a good laugh. I can higly recommend them and I will definitely come back!
Wish you all the best guys.

about 2 months ago



I absolutely loved my time @ Supertubos beach hostel!
Luis and Nádia are one of the kindest and caring people I know. I felt so welcomed and will definitely return after my travels in 2022!
The work is easy, fun and we were done after approximately 2-3 hours everyday.
There is lots of thing to do around especially if you are into surfing! You can use the bikes and there is a surfboard the volunteers can use.
It’s definitely not a party hostel, but the cozy atmosphere attracts travelers from all around the world that want to surf, so it’s never boring!

8 months ago

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