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Los Angeles is full of cultural exchange. Hermosa Beach is the volleyball capital. Sunny days most days of the year. You will be able to meet people from all around the world since we have international guests and staff.

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We like to have fun at this hostel. Come and make new friends! We are located in Hermosa beach, a small touristic town in Los Angeles County.

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If you’re looking for an immersive experience in the US, you’re looking into the right place. The hostel is located in the lovely city of Hermosa Beach, with a lot of bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, public transports in LA are not great, so you might consider other options to go around.
About the team and the hostel, I had a great time, the job was as described and no surprise there. I met amazing people that I can now call friends. Angelica is a good manager and easy to talk with whenever you need her. I would totally recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a bit of adventure

26 days ago



It was an amazing place to meet people from so many countries, they was receptive and respectful. We can practice English, Spanish and make friends. Its a lovely place!

4 months ago



Positive aspects:
-It allows you to improve your English level better than any school.
-It helps you to improve your interpersonal relationships.
-It allows you to get to know the local culture.
-You can practice beach sports less than 100 meters away.
-I met wonderful people.
Negative aspects:
-The cleaning shifts are very tiring.
-There were 6 people in my room and it was small, but it had its own bathroom.
-They ask for a $100 deposit.
-Buses to tourist attractions take at least 2 hours.
-Breakfast is very basic.
But in the end it was a good experience, which could be improved

4 months ago



It was my first experience as a volunteer and I loved it! It felt like home very quickly. The tasks and hours requested are very fair for what you get in exchange. In my opinion, the location is perfect, even if the public transit to and from downtown L.A. are not very efficient. The work schedule is flexible, the hours vary from week to week and if you need a specific day off you can easily get it. My only disappointment was that they didn't have any surfboards and I was really expecting to use them. But despite this, I would totally recommend this hostel.
Thank you!

5 months ago



I super recommend this place. I am very grateful and happy for the opportunity to join this beautiful place.
The hostel is wonderful, the location is perfect and the people are great.
The working hours are fair and the tasks as well. There are a lot of international travelers and the energy around here is always cozy and positive.
Thank you very much for this opportunity Angelica I'm very grateful for everything 🙏 🌻💫

7 months ago

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