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We love working with volunteers, interns and work experience students. We have welcomed over 450 volunteers to share in our businesses in recent years. We provide a valuable experience, support you with appropriate training, help you with your language skills (if necessary) and reward your contribution appropriately by looking after you well! We have received wonderfully positive feedback over the years from previous volunteers on many different platforms and look forward to welcome you to stay with us! If you are looking for a great experience, that will be useful to your career and language skills, then please apply to us - but please remember that we are a small hotel and not a party hostel!

Matthew and David have owned Escape Yachting for 12 years and the Thatched Cottage Hotel for 5 years. We are passionate hosts, who enjoy looking after our guests and working with enthusiastic staff and volunteers who show enthusiasm and commitment. In return, we provide everything you need during your time with us and ensure that you have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, with many happy memories!


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In a delicate moment of the covid-19, Matthew welcomed me as a volunteer like a father welcomes his son in a weak situation. A very nice place to enjoy nature. Very good atmosphere of volunteers. Easy work. I encourage everyone to apply and enjoy a great experience.

long life and prosperity 🖖🏻

19 days ago



If you want to better know the British culture, make friends and be part of a team, the Thatched Cottage is the place to go!

I had a great time with everyone, there were lots of volunteers to practice English and have fun. Our hosts, Matthew and David, really took care of us, they provide games, books, bikes and lots of food including vegetarian. They kindly invited us to a tour in the New Forest and to celebrate Christmas at their home. All the staff were amazing and I learned a lot with them (catering, cocktails, client service). Thank you Matthew, David, Richard, Josh, Renzo, and Luke!

3 months ago



I really enjoyed my wonderful stay in this hotel, I met incredible people and had unforgettable moments. These hosts (David & Matthew) are people who really care and look after the volunteers and make sure you have the meals you like. I had problems to return home when I was there and they supported and welcomed me and I'll always be very grateful about it. I just really have positive things to say about them. I would definitely recommend the experience at this hotel to everyone. Believe me, you won't regret it
To David, Matthew, Richard and Renzo: Thank you so much for making me feel at home

3 months ago

Matthew replied

Thanks, Mari, for your excellent review and for looking after the hotel so well for us, even when we were in lockdown! We are very grateful for your kind support and are so pleased that we were able to offer you accommodation here when the hotel was closed. Safe travels!



I really appreciate the flexibility in accepting me. The Cottage is a very charming place and the tasks are easy. The team is great and makes you feel comfortable.

5 months ago

Matthew replied

Thanks, Emanuele, for your excellent contribution at the hotel and your support to our full time team during this busy period. We are very grateful.



El sitio es genial, las tareas se respetan al igual que los horarios, pero es verdad que no hay el ambiente de voluntariado, no hay ambiente de familia, el resto de cosas todo bien.

6 months ago

Matthew replied

We were very disappointed to read the review Victor left for us on Worldpackers. To say there is no volunteer atmosphere demonstrates more about the volunteer than the host, especially when we did so much to look after Victor during quarantine. The best volunteers make the most of their experiences when travelling, but, sadly, that is not the case for every volunteer.

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