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"Come as a traveler; leave as a friend"

Hello everyone, and welcome to our guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. We are a friendly and welcoming guesthouse in the lively Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur. The guesthouse has a great connection to all the highlights Kuala Lumpur has to offer. With public transport around the corner, you can reach everything in no time.

We pride ourselves on obtaining a “home away from home” feel. You will notice the moment you step inside. We have great common areas, a kitchen, and a lovely rooftop bar for travelers to hang out after a day of traveling, sightseeing, or shopping.

Since Kuala Lumpur is a travel place for people to reach their worldwide destinations, we have guests from all over the world. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and we encourage people to learn from each other’s cultures and travel experiences.

Kuala Lumpur is a city you can endlessly explore without getting bored for a single second.
In the direct area of our guesthouse, you can find lots of local food markets and stalls. You can try cheap food with Indian and Chinese influence. There are various temples to visit within a 10-minute walk radius.

We are very close to the botanical gardens, the green heart of the city.
One of South East Asia’s biggest mosques is an only a 15-minute walk away.
Various museums, like the Islamic art museum. Close by and easily reachable from our guesthouse.

There are multiple shopping malls and bar areas close to our guesthouse.
Public transport that connects to the entire city and beyond is only a 3-minute walk from our guesthouse. From here the free bus service (GO KL) is also available and will guide you through the city highlights for free!
We ask for a minimum stay of four weeks, We encourage travelers that are looking to stay for longer periods to apply.

NOTE: Currently our hostel is under construction and picture may look different in person

For volunteering with us, you receive: 1) Free bed in one of our dorm rooms (Staff-room, with AC) 2) Use of our communal kitchen (microwave, fridge, hot/cold water) 3) Purified drinking water 4) hot showers anytime of the day 5) Wifi that works all over the Hostel We welcome volunteers to the TravelHubKL- Family :)


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All in it was a nice stay. I liked the other staff and you have lots of free time during the week. The work was very simple, it just feeled like there was to much staff on duty and you start "fighting" for the work 😂

So especially if its your first experience its a good place for you :)

7 days ago

United States


Great location in Chinatown. Definitely recommend, travelhub had a great team and great management. I would go again.

11 days ago



The first two weekends I worked at the Attic which was amazing!! The staff was lovely and it always got quite busy so I got to talk to a lot of people and was always in action.
The second two I worked at Rimbar which was pretty boring because there are almost no guests so most of the time we were just waiting till our shift ended. My presence there felt unnecessary.
The rooms were fine. Atm the AC is broken so it got quite hot in there and also a bit messy because there are no boxes to store your stuff in.
Still I really enjoyed my time there and made lovely friends!!

3 months ago

United Kingdom


At first I had mixed emotions about the place, but it grew on me. The bathrooms were clean, beds were comfy, everything was close by, shifts were easy, but that would mean nothing to me if it weren’t for the people. Travel Hub allowed me to make real and genuine connections with people which I won’t forget. Mali, Tom, and Amber were the best group of people and I’m lucky to have met them. Soldiers. I quickly felt like a local in the area which made my experience all the better. Looking for the negatives in my time there would be harder than looking for my pyjamas, and that says a lot.

3 months ago



The Travel Hub Guesthouse… I ll never forget my time here in KL, thanks to the Travel Hub Guesthouse and Marceau, Matthew and Tom.
The hostal is really well located, in Chinatown. You have pretty much everything you need on a 5’ walk. The volunteers room is really good, as well as the bathroom facilities. I was working in a reception the whole time, tasks are really easy and they are flexible if you need to change your shifts.
Some volunteers also work at the bar.
I feel blessed to have shared this experience with the other volunteer and Tom! 😌

4 months ago

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