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Lagos Portugal is a great place to be! Help 5 hours a day, 5 days a week then go explore the stunning beaches! Learn to surf and paddle board with our friends, find a quiet place to do yoga and eat at all the amazing restaurants! We have a close knit atmosphere here, where staff and guests are all family.

I have owned both businesses for about 4 years now. The volunteers I look for are outgoing, like meeting new people, making new friends, and learning about different cultures. Everyone is like a big family here; Including the guests! Get ready to make some life long friends!


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I was supposed to stay for 4 weeks, but left abruptly after 2 weeks (volunteer got injured). What i enjoyed was the contact with other volunteers and new guests. However there are lots of things that should be improved in order to be a good place that hosts volunteers, such as better introduction and communication, renovations of the infrastructure, employing some permanent staff (only permanent staff was the manager). I believe the boss and new manager want to make this an excellent volunteer position but its execution lacks, as the defects have been going on for a while.

9 months ago

Bradley replied

We appreciate your review and the feedback provided.

Regarding Catarina's early departure, regrettably, we encountered some disagreements, and her attitude raised concerns during her tenure.

In the unfortunate incident with the injured staff member, it's important to note that the injury resulted from self-harm, which was connected to underlying mental health issues and medication use. This information wasn't initially disclosed to us, and the situation was unrelated to our management or the conduct of our other staff members.

Concerning our business structure, we value your input. Hostels often operate on a volunteer-based model, although it might not be widely recognized outside the industry. We've been successfully hosting staff for over 8 years, and many individuals have returned season after season, contributing to the positive atmosphere.

Our hostel is situated in the heart of a historic Roman town, and our buildings hold significant regional importance. While they exude charm and character, they also pose unique challenges.

We offer staff accommodations within the hostel, but for those seeking a more contemporary setting, we provide a modern villa with over 140m² of living space.



It was a nice expirience and I had a a lot of fun with all the people I have met. Also the accommodation is nice.

10 months ago



I worked as waitress/barista at the cafè. It was a great experience, the team was the highlight of the trip. The job and task are easy if you already have experience working in a cafè/ as a waitress. The living situation is fine for a stay of 1 month, more or less. Overall wuold defenetly reccomend to meet new people from all around the world

11 months ago



I spent 4 weeks working as FOH at TwinFin Cafe and it was a good amount of time to enjoy all that the Algarve has to offer. The staff is very fun and was the highlight of the experience for me. Working at the cafe was good, but it can get very busy during the high season. It’s best if you have previous cafe experience as the training is very brief. The owner and manager were very accommodating to my scheduling requests and giving specific days off. I would say the downside is that the living situation should be improved - don’t expect privacy or luxury in the villa. Overall would recommend :)

12 months ago



I stayed 1 month at the hostel and made many friends, the volunteers are excellent people and the work is easy, the hostel is small, quiet and easy to organize, the kitchen is ok, the bathrooms too. The only problem was the issue of not having enough lockers in the rooms and also the internet not working (although it did) The manager was very understanding and flexible and the stay was pleasant.

12 months ago

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