Umoja Children's Home

Umoja Children's Home provides a Christian-based environment for orphaned children, offering them care, support and hope for a better future. The location is near Bomet Town in Kenya's green highlands, inhabited by the Kalenjin Tribe and provides a unique cultural experience for volunteers.

Volunteering at Umoja Children's Home allows you to interact with the children, staff and the surrounding community. By engaging with the children, you can create meaningful connections and make a difference in their lives. The experience of working closely with the kids allows volunteers to become part of their family rather than being strangers hence fostering a sense of belonging and support.

In addition to working with the children, volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to various other activities such as farming, construction, web development, fundraising, social media management, photography and video coverage. This diversity of volunteer work provides a chance to learn new skills and contribute to different aspects of the organization.

Moreover, Umoja Children's Home is involved in eco-farming activities, cultivating crops such as beans, corn, avocados, bananas and other fruits. This engagement in sustainable farming practices allows volunteers to participate in agricultural activities and gain knowledge about eco-friendly farming methods.

Furthermore, volunteers have the chance to explore the natural beauty of Kenya during their stay. With reliable partners like Egon Overland Safaris, volunteers can take affordable trips to popular destinations such as Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Tsavo National Park or Lake Nakuru National Park. These experiences provide an opportunity to appreciate Kenya's wildlife and natural wonders.

Overaly, Volunteering at Umoja Children's Home offers a fulfilling experience where volunteers can contribute to the lives of orphaned children, engage in various activities, learn new skills and explore Kenya's stunning landscapes.

I am an Emergency Medical Technician as well as a journalist. Besides this I am a Red Cross volunteer so I understand fully what it means to be a volunteer. I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all those who feel called to assist orphaned children and make a positive impact on the community. As a Kenyan citizen, I embrace people from all races and tribes and I am dedicated to promoting peace and unity among all individuals. At Umoja Children's Home, we have a small dedicated staff and a board of management working tirelessly to provide care and support for 60 orphaned children. Among them, 40 kids are between the ages of 3 and 12, while 20 are above the age of 12. It is our collective goal to create a peaceful world where everyone is treated equally. For volunteers joining us at Umoja Children's Home, we strive to provide a home away from home experience. You can expect to be well taken care of with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to interact with the surrounding community and even participate in local events. As a part of cultural exchange, we will introduce you to our native foods, enriching your experience and understanding of our traditions. We deeply appreciate the presence of volunteers, as their love and care make a significant difference in the lives of our children. Together, we aim to nurture and educate the children by teaching them languages, sports, farming techniques, communication skills, childcare practices, music and various other activities. Your involvement will help broaden their horizons and shape their future in meaningful ways. In joining us at Umoja Children's Home, you will not only have the opportunity to support and uplift orphaned children but also witness the transformation that takes place within the community. It is our belief that by working together and embracing diversity, we can create a better world for all. We eagerly await your arrival and assure you that your time with us will be filled with love, care and unforgettable experiences. Together, let's make a lasting impact and spread joy to those who need it most.

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I have spent 6 weeks in Umoja and it was an incredible experience! Everyone is welcoming and makes you feel at home. Joseph, the founder, will treat you as one of his own kids. Noah is open to take you on fun trips around.
The kids are the cutest and their smiling faces will make every day special.
You will live as the locals and get to know their culture while being surrounded by the greenest nature.
This experience was truly heartwarming!
The connections with the childrens and andults as well as the great memories will hold a special place in my ❤️

17 days ago



I just completed this volunteering experience at Umoja Children's Home and I can say that it was definitely the best experience of my life. These children are wonderful, they have been able to react to a difficult past and they always keep a smile on their face. It has been really rewarding and educational for me to have taken care of them. Also, I thank so much Joseph, who runs the Umoja Children's Home and who is like a dad to these amazing children, he is a pure person with a big heart. You will feel at home here, surrounded by people and children ready to give you all their love.

23 days ago

United States


I just completed my month-long volunteering at Umoja and it was the most incredible touching experience I have ever had! I was convinced to jump in head first as a solo female who had never been to Africa from these reviews so if you take anything away from me, please apply and go!! I was truly touched by the children, the founder, the staff and of course Noah. Everyone welcomed me into their home and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at home. After a month, I was not ready to leave and I look forward to coming back in the near future to see my new family in Kenya!!!

about 2 months ago



I had the most wonderful time at Umoja. The kids are truly amazing. Noah and Joseph are very nice and welcoming

2 months ago



Volonteering at Umoja was my first voloteering experience and it was amazing. The kids are so nice, they will love to meet you. They are also very hard working and help you out whenever you need them. I would also recomend everyone to go on a safari trip, it was one of the best experiences I could have wished for.
I had such a great time at Umoja, and even met two other amazing volonteers.
I have to say though, that it is not very clear what your work, you‘re supposed to do, is. But that was not a big deal, I just helped out where they needed me.

3 months ago

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