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We're located about 285 Km from Guatemala City. 11 Km from Lanquin and in the Valley of Semuc Champey approx. 3.5 Km from Semuc Champey National Park, one of Guatemala’s hidden treasures. We have about 220 meters of River Frontage along the Cahabón River.
Here is where you will be able to do as much or as little as you like. We are a Family Friendly, Dog Friendly Eco Hotel with a vegetarian Restaurant. Situated on the Cahabón River, which is great for tubing or just relaxing on one of the large river rocks or take a short stroll down the path to the big swimming hole. You will find your home away from home nestled amongst exotic flora and fauna with at least 90 different species of birds to watch while your strolling along the many paths that have been cut though the wild flowers, coffee and cocoa trees. Utopia offers unique natural lodge style accommodation with custom one of a kind art work and furnishing.

You will be living in a remote place in the jungle with a handful of other volunteers, the management and a dozen local workers from the surrounding mayan villages. The atmosphere between the staff is very familiar. Every volunteer gets the chance to put his ideas into the steadily growing Utopia. You can put yourself into it as much or as little as you like. Feel free to participate in gardening, yoga, sports, hiking and many more...


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I had a great time in Utopia. Although I sometimes found the shifts a little long, I liked the volunteer position, especially the concept of working on two days in a row and then having one day off. The tasks were easy and if you didn't know how to do something they would always help you. This volunteer job for me had the right balance between working, socializing, spending time on my own and discovering the nature around this beautiful place right in the jungle. Not to forget cuddling with the lovely dogs!
I am very grateful for this experience, thanks for everything, Pia and Utopia Team 🙏

22 days ago

United Kingdom


I was made to feel very welcome as soon as I arrived at Utopia, by the hosts, managers and fellow volunteers. I worked in the kitchen as a chef, working 4 days on and 3 days off, 3PM-8:30PM, however sometimes earlier if it was quiet. I genuinely enjoyed my time working in the kitchen and I was given quite a lot of freedom with what I wanted to cook, although there are limited ingredients due to the location, but I was still able to make some tasty dishes. I made some good friends along the way too, so thank you Pia and the Utopia team and all the best!x

25 days ago



I had food poisoning (2 days of vomiting, chills, diarrea and nauseas).
I had to leave after 2 weeks due to stomach issues. I was not the only one among the volunteers (3 more had had stomach issues).

For me this is so important and has to be seen in the comments.
(NOTE: not all the volunteers had stomach issues).

The job is interesting, I was teaching yoga, doing cacao tours (thanks Jenny and Danai for being great teachers) and making desserts.

I appreciate the time I spent there and the people I met. Thanks Raq and Edwin for being supportive and always willing to help.


28 days ago



The place is wonderful, very remote, very peaceful! It's not a place to use as a base to travel to many places or party!
The volunteers and workers were very nice people and I think that contributed immensely in my experience!
I was working as a yoga teacher and it was beautiful to teach in the middle of the jungle!
The work was very interesting and hours were very fair for my position!

about 2 months ago



The nature is really magnetic and the jungle is mesmerizing. The working hours are indeed a lot, but people there (volunteers and workers) made the whole experience brighter and the group chemistry was great. If you have any problems, always communicate them and solutions can be found:)

about 2 months ago

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