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At Waves we live a unique lifestyle, we prioritize enjoyment in everything we do and are proud to be highly customer focused. Our stunning beach location offers incredible nature experiences and a once in a lifetime chance to improve or begin your SURFING journey. With 4 point-breaks within 10Km and a beautiful headland right in front that offers North Easterly to South Easterly facing beach breaks, there are waves for all abilities. Life here gives you the chance to lead or take part in many activities such as: sunrise surfs with anytime use of our surf equipment, beach games, diving, snorkeling, fishing, local walks, yoga, heading to the pub for live music, nightly socials around a fire and much more. We pride ourselves on being very eco-friendly and environmentally aware. We are big recyclers and work hard to keep our property clean and looking good. - Being quite remote we need to have a 'one menu fits all' attitude about our food. We all take turns cooking dinner every night, so cooking is important and a great family moment every day! We do 1 food shop a week and since we all eat together, we cannot cater to many different diets/wishes. Catering for vegetarians is totally fine, but only if you are not too fussy (your food can be cooked near meat etc). However, we can NOT cater to vegans/dairy/gluten free diets or heavy allergies. We're sorry but it has proven to be too difficult. -

My name is Annemieke (Anna) and I run the campground together with my partner Kit and the owner, Richard. Together we aim to make a Waves a welcoming home for as many people as we can. Since 2015 we have hosted over 500 volunteers and we simply love it. Having quite a bit of travelling experience between us we understand and connect with the travelers lifestyle well. Creating our own community and hosting people from all over the world is pretty much the dream if you ask us. PS: in March Kit & I welcomed our baby girl Ayla, she is a dream! It does make me a little slower with my message replies sometimes. Sorry if I keep you waiting a few days, I will definitely answer back!


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Great place with great people 100% recommend

2 months ago



I had a good and mostly relaxing time at Waves Campground. It's a very special place and maybe it might be good to know that you don't have access to the internet there but you have a good connection at the beach if you need. And it's also kept prettysimple everything. It's a bushcamp. But it's a good place to relax and put away your phone for a little bit.
The working hours are everyday from 08:00-1300 so you're working exactly 4 hours a day. The tasks are mostly cleaning and clearing all the rubbish bins on the campground. But otherwise you also have to do some gardening stuff.

4 months ago

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