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Is service to animals your calling?would a work exchange benefit you? SHAPE THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY BY CHANGING THE WAY ANIMALS ARE TREATED LEARN TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY AND BE SELF SUSTAINABLE How can we add value to your life? What feeds your soul and makes you happy? At Ziongita wilderness habitat, We Believe Happiness is the Single Most Powerful Tool for Productivity. We Nurture a Culture of Gratitude, Compassion and Appreciation. We are hosts on different work exchange programs seeking helping hands, loving hearts and courageous souls to assist us with our life purpose of loving, healing, transforming and taking care of our animals as well as the daily upkeep of the property; We are looking for conscious and awakened people who are ready to be of service to animals and take their lives to the next level. Is this you? Or do you know someone who may be interested? We will offer you a place to live, food, drinks, utilities as well as use of kayaks, bikes and If you are around while we take care of the sick animals and baby orphans you will learn how to hand feed them as well as about natural healing from herbs and plants and how to use vitamins and supplements for maximum benefit. I am also available if you are interested in practicing Spanish or English. If you are into self development, we have audiobooks with thousands of hours of wisdom from the best authors of our times and great meditations. You will have an opportunity to experience the authentic Florida, as we are not in a touristy region. You will interact with our friends and neighbors at the native market. Please note that all of the above is available UPON YOUR REQUEST, you will need to express your interest in order for us to share the information or experience with you! Ready to Apply? This 4-Step Process Will Help You See if We're a Match Step 1: Does Our Mission Excite You? The most extraordinary people in the world today don't have a career. What they have is a mission. our mission is to educate humanity in the proper way of caring and respecting animals as well as Mother Earth. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Step 2: Do You Align with Our Values? Unity We fiercely believe in multiculturalism, humanism and environmentalism. We as the human race are in the evolution towards a better future together. We will never be afraid to take a bold stand for what we believe is right. Transformation We are obsessed with personal growth, Transforming individuals and animals into the best versions of themselves is our goal - this holds true for our volunteers, partners and employees, visitors and each animal that lives at our property. Envisioning In anything we do, we seek to be the best and excellent. We are not afraid to question the status quo and will never settle in our pursuit to push boundaries and create a better future for us, our animals and humanity. Our default approach is innovation, even if it involves a healthy disregard for brules (bullshit rules). Love Empathy and Compassion If we can create more compassionate, loving and empathic human beings the world will become a better place. Caring for the animals’ daily needs is our best way to awaken these values in you and the rest of humanity. Freedom Real freedom comes from within, we are inspired to make each choice in life with freedom as our north star always guiding us on our path. Self sustainability With freedom comes been able to self sustain, growing our own food, producing our electricity, harvesting rainwater and tapping into the aquifers directly, composting organic waste and repurposing and recycling Abundance We nurture a lifestyle of abundance for our animals and for us, food and water is available 24/7 at some food stations and others have food at least 12 hours each day, the animals receive all the love they need and more! Step 3: I have created a tool to save us time and manage expectations; please open the link to our Google Drive where you can read our Tips For Happy Living. This document contains our basic property rules and will give you all the information you desire. It will also provide you with the answer to most questions you may have and help you to determine if this is the place you wish to visit-live-work-help-transform. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQS7p3Pu2Ys5h8oxE9KhUl761eJzY_mhUWQw8MVR83vn3DrwUMotU91NggouIy1-XJ-3OkJ4lGFAEE4/pub After reading our ad and link to our Tips For Happy Living, if you are still interested, please send us an email with your contact information so we can schedule a phone/video conversation and arrange the details of your visit. Step 4: Guide and Questionnaire that will go deeper into what we stand for and our lifestyle (please share your preferred email address in order to receive an invitation to our Google Drive where you can access the guide) Allowance may be available to those legally allowed to work in the US, and who offer a very high quality of help and are able to commit for a minimum stay of 3 months or longer. Looking forward to meeting the best version of you soon! WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE PEOPLE WITH ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES, PETS OR SMALL CHILDREN AND WE ARE A DRUGS, GUNS, VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE, EXCESS ALCOHOL AND SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT

Thanks for stopping by; my name is Isilma and it would be my pleasure to welcome you to our home. As a result of my devotion, service and love for animals, when you work at our property you will learn skills while mastering your daily task list that you can use to be more successful in all 12 dimensions of your life. I am committed to stir your soul and make you mildly to moderately to significantly uncomfortable in any form of mediocrity, to pull you up to your greatness, to hold your hand and move you to the next level of excellence. I am very passionate about animals, sustainable living and nature, I am vegetarian, meditate on a regular basis, spiritual entrepreneur, lightworker, healer, seeker, transformational coach and a giver. Citizen of the world, born on an Island in the Caribbean and lived in South America, South Africa, Europe, Central America and now in North America. We treat all humans and animals with care compassion love and respect, and we expect you treat our animals and us the same way. In my past life I was the co-owner and founder of a commercial boat company in the Caribbean and South America, a holistic healer for humans in Silicon Valley California, and owner/founder of one of the first co-housing communities in the Bay Area. I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, and am also a dream sculpting coach, a certified practitioner in reiki, reconnective healing and sacred geometry, a massage therapist and a certified animal communicator. In my present life I am healing animals while fulfilling my life purpose that has taken over my day to day existence and it is pulling me forward on a path greater than myself. Would you like to join me on this journey of service and transformation? Some of the skills you will learn while mastering your daily task list or just by living on the property will be skills that you can use to be more successful in your life outside the sanctuary, time management, focus, organization, determination, endurance, multitasking, attention to details, self initiative, increase awareness, body language, intuition etc We are a certified wildlife habitat, protecting the animals and forest today for generations to come, apart from the friendly wildlife (bears, panthers, deers, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, alligators, snakes, monkeys etc) that live or visit our properties we care for 13 cats, 3 roosters, 25 ducks, 3 peacocks, 45 happy hens that give us fresh organic eggs each day :-), 5 pheasants, Lola the pig and 41 quails. Our property is a Drama, anger, smoke, drugs and alcohol free environment so if you have any of these addictions or trying to quit, this may not be the place for you. We treat humans and animals equal and we expect you to treat our animals and us in a respectful, compassionate, loving and caring way as well.


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I dont want to be rude but still I have to be honest with the WorldPackers comunity. This place is wonderfull, and all the animals are amazing (I Love Lola the pig). But this is not a WorldPackers experience. Why? First, it is not 5 hours a day, me and the other 2 volunteers, we were working between 8 and 10 hours a day, I even worked 12 hours one day and your first day off it is not the 6th, because she doesnt count the first day (told me was the trainee day) and second, it is 40 minutes BY CAR from any place in the city or from any other human being. So, dont recomend at all.


Isilma replied

We do not work by the hours, we work by task; the time at the end of each task on your schedule is the reasonable time you have to perform each task, each shifts is made of task that should be performed in approximately the time you stated in your application of the amount of hours you were willing to help us, the minimum requirement is 5 hours, but most volunteers chose to help us out more than that, however if you are very slow, take a lot of breaks an do not fallow the instructions it will take you a lot more than the 5 hours, we HIGHLY recommend people that are slow not to visit but if they still visit us knowing they are slow, then they should not complain when they get to work more hours than the standard 5, also some of the volunteers work is excellent and we offer them extra task and pay then cash for this work, so if you see other people working more hours you can not assume the reason for this rather you should ask why are they working extra.
We also inform every one before they arrive that we are far away from everything and people that come here is because they are OK with that, if you come and do not have your own transportation it is your responsibility. We are not a suitable location for a lot of people specially those that have addiction problems an trying to stop, when the withdraw symptoms kick in and you do not have a way to get out and get what ever you are addicted to, it can be a big problem

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