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NGO San Lorenzo, Costa Rica

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Be a volunteer in an animal rescue center and make a difference!

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Our organization is an environmental and animal-friendly zone in Costa Rica located in a hidden valley in the middle of a cloud forest. We are 15 friends of many years, vegan and animal lovers. We're an animal rescue center that has more than 700 dogs, cats, horses, ducks, goats, geese, hen and all the wildlife around. Come help us in the center by keeping it awesome! (:

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  • Fluent English or Beginner Spanish
  • Over 18 years old
  • Only hosts solo volunteers (doesn’t accept couples or pairs)

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3 weeks

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7 Reviews


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United Kingdom


Overall, my boyfriend and I enjoyed the experience!! The accommodation was basic but fine, minus the damp situation in the girls dorm. The days were long, starting at 7am and not finishing until 6:45 but within this there were long breaks and ultimately the work asked of us was walking dogs in 10 minute intervals, 4x a day basically. For that part alone I would give it 5 stars because being able to be surrounded by the dogs and help in some way was really amazing, but I am a big animal lover - so maybe without this fact, to some it might seem repetitive. The 3 meals a day we got were great!

3 months ago

Czech Republic


It’s nice what those people do for animals but treating volunteers is not their strongpoint. When you send your application, they text you through Whatsapp that they only receiving volunteers for 48 hours in a week (just one day off) and they offer you 3 meals a day and accommodation. It’s not 8 hours a day together but you work from 7am to 6:30pm with some breaks for food. Most of the days we had to wait for food at least one hour, but it was also over two hours sometimes because nobody cared about us. It was mostly about walking dogs, it was exhausting and I didn’t feel appreciated.

6 months ago



Danger! This host keeps the dogs in a species-appropriate way in cages that are far too small and without any space! if you feel like being around animals all day and you don't mind seeing dogs that are suffering, this is exactly your place. and if you are not with the animals then you can collect donations on the computer for the animals. Be careful, I don't think the donations will arrive. The owners drive expensive porsche ... if you're still interested, make your own picture of this place. other impressions would interest me very much!

over 1 year ago

alon replied

Thomas chose to see things in the 3 days that he stayed here without checking the facts and asking for the truth.

Our Shelter is located next to our hotel, it has been 15 years that all our local businesses (the hotel, activity center, and a tour operator) directly funded the shelter that has saved thousands of injured and abandoned sick dogs and cats over the years. In the shelter itself there are over 1000 dogs and cats and other animals.
For the last 15 years the place did not rely on donations and only in the last year, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 in the world and the collapse of the tourism economy in the country, we began to raise funds in order to survive.
The donations that we are raising, support the shelter’s activities and without them we could not continue to exist.
The dogs are receiving top of the line medical care, food, a warm and loving place, all of them are stray dogs that have survived a life of wandering on the roads of Costa Rica, diseases, accidents, injuries, abuse etc.
We thank every volunteer who comes here and helps us walk the dogs and allow them a good quality of life in spending time outside the cages. Most of the dogs home are large spaces that host families of dogs that leave together for a long time and all of them get to visit the yard during the day in addition to their walk outside twice a day.
We make every effort to find good homes for these dogs. But the options in Costa Rica are limited, so most of them will stay with us for the rest of their life
We will continue to dedicate our lives to rescue as many miserable animals as possible and we will continue to invest all our income in to it.
People who really care about animals are more than welcome to visit us and help to come to help us and give them better life.



The work that the owners are doing here is simply incredible, putting the health of every animal before anything else ! While you work the animals you are taking care of will give you so much love.
The place is huge and leaves you a lot to discover from the Costa Rican biodiversity. And the food you eat, vegetarian or vegan, is really good !
If you have love and time to give, this place is made for you.
Thanks to all of the 15 owners for what I have learned and for the experience.

almost 2 years ago

United States


Everyone at Lands In Love were super nice and treated you like family. The people who run the hotel/animal shelter are a group of 15 Israeli friends who care a lot about the animals. The work was very easy and consisted of walking dogs mostly. I really enjoyed my time at Lands In Love, made some really good friends, and all of the animals are super sweet and never fail to put a smile on your face.

over 2 years ago

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