Daycare assitant for disabled children at Hanoi, Vietnam

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Home Stay Hanoi, Vietnam
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21 Reviews

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Mr. Dung and his family were very friendly and welcoming, the dorms are simple but spacious, the beds comfy, the food tasty and the fellow volunteers become friends quite fast.
The NGO is in a restructuring phase right now (soon all is settled) and it can be a bit chaotic and unorganized from time to time, but if you are flexible, spontaneous and open for new experiences, then this is a place for you!
Anyway the whole idea of Worldpackers is to make new experiences, so off you go and join Dung's Family and Yepvin and support their ambitious cause to teach English to the local kids there!

10 days ago


I only spent 12 days with Mr Dung and I recommend staying for at least a month . I don't recommend it for a short period of time because after all, like any other job it takes a week or two before you get used to it and get into the routine. Mr Dung is a very good host, always happy, easy going and willing to help us getting from places to places. After travelling for a while it's nice to settle in a house, having traditional homemade meals and living the local life. In short, the experience will be as great as you make it and you will get as much as you give.

18 days ago

Costa Rica

The best experience I have had in my life, staying with Mr Dung's family was really great, they are a really nice family that will treat you like one of them, always helping you and seeing that you are comfortable and good, spending time with Mr Dung's childs and sharing with them was really amazing. I had a good time sharing with people from around the world that were also there for the volunteer part, it felt like a nice big multicultural family. The teaching part was also amazing experience, the kids really appreciate your time there. Thanks for everything Mr Dung and I wish you the best!!

23 days ago


I was curious to live with a local family, so I decided to apply for Mr. Dungs Project. You'll live together with his family and other volunteers. Everybody is fun and friendly here. I enjoy going to the local markets, discovering a new culture. At the begining, teaching the Kids was very challenging, but you'll get assistance, so don't worry :P
On your free days, you can visit the surrounding cities with other volunteers, or experience the nightlife of Hanoi.
I planned to stay for two weeks, but I decided to stay for 2-3 weeks more.
Give it a try, ist fun!

27 days ago


The experience is rewarding , living with Dung's family allows you to share how is the life in Vietnam, they are kind and funny people .

28 days ago
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