Volunteer at our permaculture center in the mexican forest

The Exchange

Apply and learn permaculture techniques and bioconstruction while you get along with other people who share the same likes and hobbies. Practice your spanish skills and get to know the mexican and mazahua culture.

What you offer

24 hours of help per week

Handyman: Help with a wide range of repairs.

Farming: Plant crops and care for animals.

Gardening: Help to grow and cultivate plants.

What you get

2 days off per week


Beginner English or Beginner Spanish

Between 18 and 44 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

Our permaculture center is in its initial stage, so we are requesting lots of helping hands. It is a house of 100 years old, that we are rehabilitating, with a land of 2000 m² with fruit trees.

We have now received some volunteers who have helped us build raised beds, build a chicken coop, collect fruit, plant trees, weed, general cleaning, build a composter and make preserves / jams from the fruits of our trees. We have many activities still pending for volunteers such as painting our walls using lime and nopal, building an adobe oven, building 2 dry toilets, enabling a room for volunteers, building rooms with superadobe, making a mosaic with ceramic dishes, building a solar dehydrator, flattened with cob, make a hutch, continue expanding and taking care of our orchard. In addition to the daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, watering, shopping, weeding and general maintenance.

Activities & Shift

From Monday to Friday:
Breakfast 8-9am
Volunteer activities 9-11am
Break 11-12
Volunteer activities 12-2pm
Lunch 2-3pm
Free time/Cleaning 3-4pm
Volunteer activities 4-6pm
Dinner 8-9pm


Breakfast 8-9
Free time 9-end of day