Make a living while traveling as a lifestyle

Learn different paths from people who work while traveling so you can have a life with more freedom and purpose.

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Is your passion for travel not financially sustainable yet?

Learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle, work with what you’re passionate about, and work while traveling.

Learn from the mistakes and successes of people who actually make a living traveling

"This was one of the best courses I took at Worldpackers. I dare say it was the best! The author was awesome with very applicable and important tips. This is a course to be reviewed many times. Thank you so much you're awesome!"

Gilney Brazil

About the course How to travel and work as a content writer

What you will learn

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Haribaldev United States

The information was very helpful and timely. I am planning to start my solo adventure in December and one of the things that occupied my thoughts was how to make money while traveling. Skye provided me with some great ideas and reminded that I may have some skills that can be monetized.

About the course How to find gigs and earn money while traveling the world


Mandek Canada

This course was more helpful than I could've imagined! I've been writing for personal purposes and slowly have been working towards monetizing this passion of mine. These lessons really helped me have a better idea on the steps I need to take in order to do so. Thank you very much!

About the course How to travel and work as a content writer


Laura United States

This course is very clear and easy to understand. They provide valuable insight into common mistakes and how to avoid them as well as camera presence and types of tools to get started. Very informative. Thank you!

About the course Video creation for beginners: earn money by making your own travel videos

Conquer your freedom as a digital nomad

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