5 tips for organizing volunteer Hours & Activities

Check our tips on how to plan your volunteer activities, offering a great experience!


1. Make sure your profile is in line with what you need.

Be sure to ask for the same amount of hours and skills that were listed on your profile. As we know, setbacks happen so if you need to change this information during the experience, don’t forget to change your profile and inform your volunteers of the new information - remembering that we ask for collaborations of work exchange not to go over the limit of 32 hours per week, with at least one day free.

2. Be on the same page about activities and tasks.

Tell the traveler in detail what the expected workload is for each skill. For example. If you need help cleaning and reception, tell how many hours each day the volunteer will help you in reception and how many with cleaning. Also add more detailed information about the hours and activities in the description of your available positions.

3. Be clear about extra equipment

If you need the volunteer to bring equipment and things like cameras and computers - don’t forget to ask them to bring them on the trip before they leave. This prevents surprises and guaranties that you all have the material you need when you need it.

4. Give the volunteer thorough training

Let the first day the volunteer is on the property be for giving all the info they need about the activities and tasks they will be doing. This helps your planning and helps the volunteer to contribute more efficiently to your project.

5. Create volunteer manuals or checklists

Explain to the volunteer in plain terms what you need. A manual or checklist can help you (as well as the volunteer) to remember the most important things and not leave any task out by accident.

How to transform these tips into opportunities?

  • Having a clear task plan for you worldpacker helps you and gives you more time to think about other projects for you property. 

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