5 tips on how to improve your experience on Infrastructure

The infrastructure of your place is very important to the experience. Check our tips on how to make it even better!


1. Align expectations about your place.

Offer what is indicated on your profile in relation to the type of dorm and the availability of the kitchen, and don’t forget to be on the same page with the travelers and make them aware in advance of the number of people with whom they’ll share the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen facilities.

2. Tell the traveler about the surroundings.

Don’t forget to confirm your address and give tips to the traveler about how to get there and points of reference. Letting them know if the surrounding area is safe and what the available means of public transport are is also excellent information!

3. Prepare the place the volunteer will stay before they arrive.

Ideally, the place should be clean and in the proper condition to accommodate the traveler. Once they arrive, you can get with the worldpackers to make them aware they will be responsible for cleaning their own space.

4. Be available (or make sure someone on your staff will be) on the property on the day and arrival time to receive the volunteer.

In addition to showing your care in offering a good time and experience, it’s more interesting to have your first interactions with the traveler be not so focused on the activities of your business and property.

5. Pay attention to safety issues.

Offer safe spaces for the volunteers to leave their bags, like lockers. Also be aware of the maintenance of your location and safely offer everything the volunteer will in need, especially for repairs and cleaning positions.

How to transform these tips into opportunities?

  • Listen to the feedback of the travelers in a friendly and open way, quickly solving problems: remember that the volunteer is also partially a guest and can alert you to problems before a formal guest or a future volunteer does.
  • If your volunteer takes great photos, you can ask them to photograph their spaces so that you can update your Photo Gallery and make your profile even more streamlined! 

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