Travelers are influenced by reviews. How to improve my reviews online?


Who’s never gotten lost among online reviews before deciding the best place to travel to? Nowadays, the best way of choosing your accommodation is by coldly analyzing other people’s reviews. According to a research made by TripAdvisor, 93% of the travelers nowadays are directly influenced by the reviews left by other travelers who already have had the same experience. But, how to increase and improve my online reviews?

All booking websites have a review system that makes it possible for guests to recommend the place they stayed at. That’s why hospitality businesses owners and managers need to be aware of interesting tactics to conquer the guest’s sympathy and faithfulness since these initiatives can generate a high level of satisfaction that will surely be converted to positive reviews.

But, how to start improving the online reviews?

1st Method: Excellent Service

There isn’t a better way to generate more reviews than attending people with special care. The attention and willingness to help make the guests feel at ease to share more details of their trip. That opening can be used to extend the chat and establish a bond – of course, without forcing an unnecessary closeness. At the end of the chat or on check-out day, let the guest know that you'd love to know how their stay was.

2nd Method: Follow-up Email

Even though the relation established with the guest was great, sometimes they may forget to write the review. That’s why a good strategy to remind the guest that you're waiting for a feedback is sending a friendly follow-up email. Some days after the guest checks-out, you can write them a nice message asking how things are and how was the trip. Try not to be too informal, but ask them to write a review about their stay at your place.

3rd Method: Take Pictures and Tag People on Social Networks

Another good idea is to take pictures of your guests while they’re at a party or in the common areas or even during the check-out. This is an interesting technique because you can immediately upload the pictures on your social media tagging the guests, thus making sure their friends also see the pictures. Encourage positive reviews during this process of taking pictures and talking to the guests. Detail: always ask for permission before taking the pictures and publishing them as some people don’t like this kind of exposure on Facebook or Instagram.

Dialogue is very important to determine if the guest had a good experience, so don’t hesitate to ask them about it in a pleasant manner, but don’t insist too much. It is necessary to be patient and be flexible to avoid any conflict between both of you. It’s also not recommendable that owners and managers (or any payment receiver) offer presents or discounts in exchange for online reviews. This can be damaging to the business because the guest may feel compelled to write a positive review, raising question marks over the reputation of your establishment.

All in all, reviews are the reflection of your business’ organization and hospitality. If you provide exceptional hospitality service, the methods above will be only another step to obtain more positive ratings. A well-run business will definitely lead to good online reviews and you’ll see your guests' smiles when they leave.

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