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Being a host means hosting, receiving and collaborating in the learning of travelers who help in the growth of your project in exchange for their skills. Find out what collaborative experiences are and how to be a good host.


Beginner Hosts - Getting started with volunteering

Worldpackers is a global community of conscientious travelers and welcoming hosts  that has been facilitating thousands of connections and unique experiences since 2014. We aim to develop and transform the world into a more socially and environmentally sustainable place. Our goal is to promote and facilitate win-win experiences that are growth opportunities for travelers, hosts, and their projects.

Being a member of the Worldpackers community, as a host or traveler, means becoming a part of a collaborative community composed of users from various backgrounds, with no room for any kind of discrimination, whether based on gender, race, religion, nationality, or ability.

Being a host in our community means hosting, welcoming, and helping travelers to learn when they offer their skills towards your project’s development. Differently from members of your team or a work relationship, Worldpackers volunteers are, above all else, visitors who are looking for safe experiences and connections, full of growth and learning.

Travelers expect to experience much more than just the hours they put into your project in exchange for accommodation and benefits like meals, classes, and other incentives you offer. They’re looking for transformative experiences, getting to know new places, cultures, and people, and are ready to help you with responsibility and commitment, besides sharing their knowledge and learning a ton from their hosts, making a positive impact on the world.

Keep in mind that not all volunteers are professionals in the area you need their assistance with, and often this will be their first collaborative experience – or even their first solo travel experience. Also, travelers will be sharing an experience with you including its challenges, not assuming sole responsibility for them. So before you confirm trips for travelers who are a good fit for your project, invest in a good recruitment plan and use the various tools on our platform that we designed especially to help exchanges be successful and full of a ton of cultural immersion and discoveries!

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